My Top Five Doctors – Doctor Who

My Top Five Doctors – Doctor Who

Purely an opinion piece on my top 5 Doctors who taken the role of The Doctor in the hit sci-fi series, Doctor Who. Mainly doing this piece considering the 50th anniversary is about a week away, and felt it would only be fitting to make something Who related for the anniversary here on Pixel Gate. I decided to make a list of my Top 5 favorite Doctors in the programme. So, without further ado, allons-y!

The Doctor is a Timelord, and when he’s on the verge of dying he can “regenerate” his body which changes all of his cells, and his appearance changes into a new man (hence new actors taking over the role, and why the show has been here for 50 years). Eleven actors have portrayed The Doctor (not counting John Hurt’s War Doctor) up to this point, with Peter Capaldi being the 12th Doctor this Christmas, whom is taking over for Matt Smith who is leaving the show at Christmas.

Let’s get on with the list.

5. Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

My first classic Doctor, and Jon Pertwee was brilliant in the role. He was dapper, suave, and the way he talked really mesmerized me for some reason. He was also the Doctor to have Sarah Jane Smith (one of the best companions in the history of the show) introduced to the series as a companion. My first story of Pertwee’s run was The Time Warrior which also introduced the Sontarans, as a new enemy of The Doctor, and I really enjoyed the dynamic he & Sarah Jane brought to the table. I nearly finished his run on Doctor Who, but got distracted by someone recommending I check out this next Doctor below…

4. Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)

Even though McGann only starred in the 1996 television film Doctor Who, he still made a wonderful Doctor. Dashingly handsome, and the first of the Doctors to be a sort of romantic fellow, he helped pave the way for the new era of Doctors which would show up about 9 years later, with Christoper Eccleston in the revised series in 2005. Even though he’s had numerous audio plays, and other tie-in media he had just recently stepped back into the shoes of this incarnation in the 50th anniversary mini-sode, Night Of The Doctor which I’ll post at the bottom of this article. Also, having just listened to Light At The End, an audio-play celebrating 50 years of Doctor, it gave me more of an appreciation for Paul’s Doctor. I only wish he got his own series, and maybe even should of been the one to come back in 2005 with the revived series.

3. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

Yes, I may have never finished Pertwee’s run of Doctor Who (something I plan to do soon) I couldn’t help but check out the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker after having so many people tell me he’s one of the best, and rightfully so. Witty, funny, but also extremely serious when the time came, Tom Baker brought something new to Doctor Who, and made the character so very alien, like he should be. The Doctor is an alien after-all, and Tom Baker nailed that to the core. I’ve watched about three seasons of him in action, and have loved every minute of it. Let it be known, I’m not biased and have seen every Doctor in something and am not basing this list on a few handful of Doctors. This is based on all of the current 11 incarnations. Plus, that scarf is just so damn iconic. I want one!

2. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

Some of you modern Who fans may crucify me because Tennant isn’t number one on the list, and that’s okay. I may have started watching Doctor Who with David Tennant (even though Matt was already The Doctor) but it doesn’t mean he’s my favorite, but it’s pretty close. Very, very close. David brought a more human side to The Doctor, and it made him easier to relate with than past incarnations of the Timelord, and that’s part of my draw to him. That, and his stories were wonderfully written, and he was a fantastic Doctor. His final episode as The Doctor may have had mixed opinions amongst the fan-base, but his regeneration was very emotional for me, as he was essentially the first Doctor I had ever watched, and at the time was my Doctor. I loved David, and still go back and watch his episodes quite frequently. However, for me there’s another actor who really feels like The Doctor to me, and will always be my Doctor for the rest of time & space…

1. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

My Doctor, Matt Smith. He feels like the most alien of the Doctors, but also does feel like he’s the oldest (which he is), and can still come off as youthful, and exuberant. Now, most people have given Matt’s run a lot of crap for him replacing their favorite, “hot” Doctor, David Tennant but that’s just the nature of the show, and even though every Doctor is great I feel like Matt Smith at the current point in time is the genuine article you might say, and for me the best of the best. His run has also had the most emotional bits, and made me tear up the most. Whether it was the Pond’s final farewell (even though I didn’t really care for Amy, it was still emotional) his speech in Rings Of Akhaten, he knew how to capture emotion very well, and made me sympathize for him, and I think that’s why I love him so much. I relate to this Doctor the most in being that I’m lonely, I’m zany, wacky and all around crazy, but I do have very strong emotions for the people I care about, and will do whatever it takes to make sure the people I care about are safe. His Doctor had occasional moments of darkness, and I really liked it. And, I know for damn sure that come Christmas, I will weep like an angel when the regeneration scene happens and we say goodbye to Eleven, and welcome in Twelve.

I’ll miss you Matt, but I will also welcome Peter in with open arms. The show is about change, and I already know Peter will do a wonderful job.

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode ‘Day Of The Doctor’ airs on television, and theaters around the world next week on November 23rd. Below are two clips celebrating 50 years of time & space. The Night Of The Doctor which is the an appearance of Paul McGann as Eighth Doctor, and a trailer for The Day Of The Doctor which brings David Tennant back as the Tenth Doctor.




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