My Top 5 Emotional Moments In Gaming

My Top 5 Emotional Moments In Gaming

After just finishing The Last Of Us earlier today (picked up a PS3/Last Of Us on Sunday) and being very impressed with the game, but also left with some pretty strong emotions from events that happened in the game I’ve decided to construct a list of 5 moments in videogames that have been emotional to me. Please note that these are from games that I’ve played, so if a game isn’t on this list it’s probably because I didn’t play it, or one of these tops that moment. Let’s begin! These are also in no particular order.

I also realize these are pretty much deaths, but they’re just so well done on an emotional level.


5. The Walking Dead

The final moments of the first season of Telltale’s Walking Dead game in which Lee is succumbing the bite from the zombie he sustained on his arm. A really heart-breaking moment between Clementine, and Lee who had been traveling together since the beginning, and he also served as her surrogate father in a sense. We get an extremely emotional scene where Clementine has to leave Lee behind, and is given the option to either stop him from turning, or leave him be and not have to watch him die, or put a bullet in his head. Everything about this scene struck me at an emotional level, and left me teary eyed. Season 2 launches in the next day or so, and I eagerly await seeing what’s happened to Clementine in the year since.

4. The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

Another final moment of a game, and this one is all about your companion through-out the adventure, the talking/living boat “King Of Red Lions”. You travel the seas with him, and he gives you a lot of helpful hints and is an integral part in your quest to defeat Ganondorf and rescue Zelda. However, at the end of the game after “killing” Ganondorf in the underwater kingdom of Hyrule it begins to flood, and the Red Lions, whom is revealed to be the King Of Hyrule decides to stay behind, and is presumably killed when Hyrule begins to flood. When Link awakens on the surface the boat is now lifeless, and a shell of its former self. Pretty emotional stuff, and I’m not used to that from Zelda titles.

3. Gears Of War III

It’s hard to believe that a testosterone, muscle-bound, bro-game could have some emotional qualities to it and that’s just what we get with Gears 3, and I feel like this scene tops the one in the previous game when Dominic finds his wife Maria who has been severely tortured, and seems to just be a shell with nothing left inside her, she seems almost…soulless and Dom decides to shoot her in the head to end her suffering. However, in the third installment we see Dom do a heroic act to save his friends from a large Locust ambush by driving straight into an explosive fuel tank, and killing himself in the process, but not before giving a quick little speech to his now deceased wife Maria, and giving a sort of goodbye speech to his friend, and adopted brother Marcus. This definitely caused me to tear up, and the freakout from Marcus at Dom’s death didn’t help the situation. Powerful scene.

2. Mass Effect III

I keep hearing that this scene & death can be prevented but I never figured out a way, but the scene is so well performed and done that it’s one of the most emotional moments I’ve experienced in a video-game. The death-scene involving Mordin Solus is definitely a sad one, but it’s also something of redemption in a sense as he’s about to cure the genophage which had caused the Krogan to be unable to breed. So, in a sense he dies saving an entire race (if I remember correctly, it’s been a while). Not only does he go out like a hero, but he also sang the song I had grown to love that he would chant in Mass Effect 2, and sadly dies while singing the song, and his life is abruptly ended. I loved Mordin, and is one of my favorite characters in the Mass Effect series.

1. The Last Of Us

The prologue of The Last Of Us (20 years before the actual events of the game), and it’s pretty damn emotional and well…one of the most emotional moments for me in the game. I was stuck between this scene, and one of the final scenes in the game where Joel saves Ellie from being operated on, and essentially having her brain dissected which would kill her. However, I felt the scene where Joel & his daughter Sarah are about to escape the city is a tad more emotional. They get into a car accident, and while they’re fleeing the scene a soldier is ordered to shoot both Joel, and Sarah. They’re wounded and fall to the ground, but the soldier is executed by Joel’s brother Tommy, and the brothers soon find a fatally wounded Sarah gasping in pain, and bleeding out. Unable to save his daughter, Joel has to hold her in his arms as she dies. Such a fucking sad scene.


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