My Disappointments Of 2013

My Disappointments Of 2013

I just wrote my picks for Game Of The Year and decided that now would be a good time to formulate a list of some of the most disappointing experiences I had in this past year. Now, please be aware that this doesn’t mean these are horrid games by any means, it just means I didn’t exactly enjoy them as much as I had hoped to. Let’s get started.


#5 – Dead Space 3

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Visceral Games

Released: February 2013

This is a difficult one to explain, so please bear with me. I actually enjoyed Dead Space 3, but from a survival-horror standpoint it just disappointed me to my core in more ways than one. Sure, it may not have been as horror focused as previous titles in the franchise but it was still a fun game to play. I was just expecting a great horror experience on this new, icy, planet but was ultimately let down for the more action-oriented approach.

However, I felt the co-op was a welcomed addition and would love to see it brought back in future iterations…if we ever see a Dead Space 4.

#4 – Aliens: Colonial Marines

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Gearbox Software

Released: February 2013

I can’t decide if this is more dog-crap than a disappointment, but in the end this game was utterly a mess, and quite a horrific one at that. Seeing that Gearbox was taking over this project got be incredibly interested, and everything I was seeing looked great. The multiplayer seemed like an awesome time too, and was something I had wanted for a long time coming. However, the game just didn’t deliver on anything that I had hoped for, and was extremely let down in the finished product.

It was a glitch-ridden, horrible looking, and just mess of a game that we received. It wasn’t fun to play, and the Aliens just never felt challenging and instead were pretty stupid. Their AI was damn atrocious, and often they’d get stuck on objects, or just stop moving entirely. I expected something nerve-wracking and tense, but instead all we got was a frustrating mess of a game that was a joke on the Alien franchise.

#3 – Crysis 3

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Crytek Frankfurt

Released: February 2013

There seems to be a trend of my disappointments being in February, but Crysis 3 disappointed me quite a lot actually. Sure, people praised it for the visuals, but I feel like that’s the only selling point of this series nowadays. I think the story of these games is incredibly weak, especially the last two titles and the games just feel like a bore to progress through. Sure, you’re a super-human bad-ass who is nearly impossible to put down, but this game felt way too linear for its own good. I expected to be able to explore this post-apocalypse New York anyway that I saw fit, but instead felt restricted in what should of been a large, open city to explore.

The multiplayer was an okay part of the game, and the only mode that was actually any fun was the Hunter Mode as it felt primal, tense and at moments could be downright terrifying, however even that mode lost its appeal very quickly. I’m sure some of you thought this game was brilliant, but I just couldn’t get blown away by it like most people were.

#2 – Remember Me

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Dontnod Entertainment

Released: June 2013

Remember Me seemed like a cool concept when it was being talked about, and shown off. I was super pumped and thrilled at the idea of sifting through people’s heads, and changing their memories. Talk about awesome! However, when I had my copy in my hands and was playing through it I only felt…bored. To me, the game felt extremely tedious and even though they advertised the “memory altering” as their selling point, there just wasn’t enough of that mechanic.

I think through-out the course of the game you do it about three or four times, but it’s also extremely restricted. I feel like this mechanic as a whole would of worked so much better with it being a bit more open, and allow the player some creativity. Alter the memories in the way that you see fit, and then maybe I wouldn’t of felt so bored playing through this title, and maybe the whole tedious feeling I had would of went away, but the same routine over & over paired with the very poor combat just made this an extremely unjoyable game for me. Almost forgettable.

#1 – Slender: The Arrival

Publisher: Blue Isle Studios

Developer: Blue Isle Studios

Released: March 2013

Slender: The Eight Pages brought something unique to the market in terms of horror, and was actually pretty darn terrifying for the first few times that you’d romp through. Then, they announced they’d be pushing out The Arrival within the next couple of months and that it would have little under a year of development time, which should of been the first nod to the disappointing nature of the game.

These guys clearly know how to do horror, but there’s nothing really different in this game than the original other than the updated graphics, and over-all better looking game. They took the exact same concept, and barely expanded upon it in anyway and it’s just a shame as they could of done so much more. They should of sunk at-least a few more months, or even a year or two into the development before releasing and we could of seen this go in an entirely new, and probably better direction. It’s a repeat experience that essentially robs ‘Eight Pages’ of the power it had. It lacks real game-play, and for the price-point you’re actually better off checking out the free, original game.

Justin Ross


  1. Feathers
    December 31, 2013, 5:32 pm

    Crysis 3 was fun. Relatively short but fun. Biggest disappointment was Bioshock Infant. Unbelievably cringe-making dialog, utterly ridiculous ghost woman boss and a campaign that dragged on for so long I uninstalled it and wished I could somehow sell the game key.

    • Sean Halliday
      December 31, 2013, 6:06 pm

      I was personally bit underwhelmed by the middle part of the game. I loved the first 2 or so hours but then things just felt like they were plodding along :(

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