My Dad The Casual Gamer: When Call of Duty Is Perfect

My Dad The Casual Gamer: When Call of Duty Is Perfect

You know them games that are so generic, so dull and so one note? Yeah my father loves them. I’ve tried many times to introduce quality games to him that go further than just shooting nameless enemies. I gave him Journey and his verdict was ”it’s like a boring dog walk, without the dog”. I lent Dark Souls, Dishonored and Catherine but he merely laughed them out of the park. Every time I try to expand his video game horizons, he ends up narrowing them.

Oddly he seems to enjoy games that everyone else views as rather poor. Homefront blew his mind, he didn’t stop banging on about it for a straight week. Medal of Honour was ”bloody brilliant”, as was Battlefield 4. His tastes in video games has always puzzled me, and surprised me at times. The first time he played RAGE he turned to me and said ”this is the best game ever”. This was the point in which I thought his taste in games would never expand.


When people ask ”who keeps buying these generic pieces of crap” the answer is people like my dad. The type of person who likes video games, but doesn’t have the time, or patience, for anything fancy. To his credit he is willing to try new games and genres, which a lot of *cough* ‘Hardcore gamers’ struggle to do. His tastes, and the tastes of people like him, are often looked down on by a large number of ‘gamers’. Does this effect his enjoyment of his generic games? Nope. Will his game horizons ever expand? Yes.

After years of playing his military shooters he finally took a step outside of the comfort zone. He began to play Resistance 3. Sure it’s still a first person shooter but it’s at least a top notch one. His interest in Resistance 3 wasn’t spurred on by me, he found the game on his own. After growing tired of the modern military setting, he decided to expand his horizons on his own accord. This lead to a domino effect in which he began to try all kinds of games, even the ‘hardcore gamer’ endorsed ones.

It was at this point I realized that perhaps me trying to introduce him to new games was a mistake. While my intentions were good, maybe I was asking too much of him? It’s a tricky jump to go from gunning down people in Call of Duty to avoiding sheep in Catherine. Perhaps it’s best we let people expand their horizons, in terms of video games, on their own.



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