My 5 Expectations For E3 2014

My 5 Expectations For E3 2014

E3 2014 is just around the corner and there’s a lot of things people are expecting, and hoping to see revealed and shown at the conference. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of games and features I’d love to see shown at this year’s E3. I’d also like to hear your comments, opinions, and what you’d like to see from the conference.

Remember, these are purely speculation. Nothing confirmed, nor denied.


#5 – Legend Of Zelda U

This is the big one I’m hoping for and expecting they’ll tease somewhat. The WiiU is struggling in terms of sales, and I don’t know anyone who owns the console except for my fellow writers on this website. I can imagine if Nintendo teases a cinematic trailer, or actually shows some gameplay regarding a new Zelda title fans will go crazy and it will probably sell consoles. Even though Wind Waker was the last the console Zelda game I actually enjoyed I’m always willing to try another dip into the franchise. Plus, if we do see an announcement/reveal regarding a Zelda game for the WiiU you can guarantee I’ll be dropping money on the console. Just think of all the possibilities that could be done with a Zelda game in HD (not counting the Wind Waker HD remake). Use the WiiU’s gamepad for completing certain puzzles and other fun things and you may just have the best game in the franchise yet. Don’t make the gamepad gimmicky for Zelda, make it have some unique changes to the gameplay, but nothing too drastic that turns people away.

That, and I don’t want another motion controlled Zelda game.


#4 – Gears Of War By Black Tusk Studios

This may be a bit of a stretch, but I would enjoy seeing something or even hearing something regarding the newest Gears Of War game being developed by Black Tusk Studios. I love me some Gears and I’d like to see where Black Tusk can take the series after some disappointment was had in Gears Of War: Judgment. I’m hoping we don’t see the original cast comeback and instead we’re given a brand new roster of characters to fall in love with. Hell, I wouldn’t even complain if we took control of Clay Carmine for the next game. We need to give those Carmine brothers at-least some nice form of spotlight instead of dying all the time (I’m glad Clay survived).

They would obviously have to change some things up and introduce new things to spice up the Gears formula. The multiplayer modes seem to be a solid thing as it stands but I feel like Horde Mode, and Beast Mode might need a little bit of tweaking to make them more enjoyable in the next iteration. A longer campaign would be nice, with branching paths and something that isn’t 100% linear. Give us a story that makes us emotionally attached to characters, and have certain choices that can affect the final outcome of the story. The fate is in your hands, Black Tusk.


#3 – Xbox One Slim

A lot of people complain about the look, and size of the Xbox One as it stands currently. I don’t see the issue, but I can sort of understand where people are coming from. The Xbox has had some troubled issues since its launch and it’s suffice to say “gamers” will nit pick, and complain about anything as long as their voices are heard. I’m one of the people who doesn’t care what console preference you have, or if you play on PC. As long as you’re not one those “annoying fanboys” or “PC Elitists” who has to trash talk everyone’s gaming preference then you’re okay in my books.

Since there has been so many people complaining about the size of Xbox One, I wouldn’t be surprised if they revealed a slimmer and sleeker version of the Xbox One. However, we probably won’t see this anytime soon as they just launched the Kinect-Free version of the console, which I’m 100% cool with.

Microsoft is the conference I’m looking forward to the most. Even though I like Sony, and Nintendo I’m still really excited to see what MS has in store for us gamers, and I’m curious to see more about the future of the Xbox One. I’m just hoping they cool it down with all the media bullshit at E3. That’s boring as all fuck.


#2 – Dead Space 4

We’re not likely to see anything regarding Dead Space 4, considering Visceral Games has been hard at work developing Battlefield: Hardline. That doesn’t mean I don’t want the fourth installment to the franchise. I’m a massive Dead Space fan and the trilogy were some of my favorite games from the last-gen, with Dead Space 2 not only being my favorite game of the series, but also being in my top five games on the last-gen as a whole.

Sure, Dead Space 3 took a more action approach and really skimped out on the horror, but the co-op aspect of game introduced tons of fun to the game and some replay value with buddies. While I missed the competitive multiplayer mode, the co-op was an interesting touch for the series. If we do see a Dead Space 4 I’d like to see the co-op elements return, but also have the game make a return to its horror roots. Dead Space needs to be scary again. That’s what made the first two game so enjoyable in my opinion. They were scary, tense, and a hell of a good time.

Plus, with the whole aspect of Earth being taken over by Necromorphs at the end of Dead Space 3 could be used pretty well to make Dead Space 4 not only the finale of this fantastic series, but maybe the best game in the series as well. I also imagine the Xbox One, and PS4 could really make Dead Space look gorgeous.


#1 – Halo, Halo and more Halo

Halo 5 is one of my most anticipated games of this new generation of consoles, and I’m really excited to see more about the game, and franchise in general. I expect Microsoft’s conference is going to be heavily dominated by Halo and that’s probably going to be the main takeaway, and selling point to their conference. Not only does the Halo series have success in selling consoles but they also have many wonderful tie-ins as well.

We’ll probably hear more about the television series which is being produced by Steven Spielberg. I’m really curious about this series, and I’m glad they’re going for a television series instead of a film. Have you seen how solid television has become in the last couple of years? Plus, it’ll be airing on Showtime which has another solid series that has just started up on the network called Penny Dreadful. I’m expecting good things from this.

I also expect we may hear some things regarding the rumored Master Chief Collection which is an HD collection of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 for the Xbox One. If not, we’ll most likely hear something regarding Halo 2: Anniversary or something along those lines. I’d really like the Halo 2 rumors to be true as it is my favorite game in the series next to Halo: Reach

Justin Ross

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  1. Darkenoid
    July 24, 2014, 2:55 am

    That Xbox one slim looks nice. It would be great if they really made it look like that.

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