Why You Should Be Excited For The Xbox One’s Most Creative Shooter

Why You Should Be Excited For The Xbox One’s Most Creative Shooter

The first person shooter genre isn’t exactly known for its creativity in the modern market. Superhot is looking to buck that concept, mainly through being stylish and visually striking and turning established mechanics on their head.

Originally created as part of the 7 Day FPS challenge back in 2013, Superhot is set for a full release. The core concept isn’t exactly about shooting, but more focused on movement. It’s a fresh twist on the principles of first person shooters, gun play no longer forms the spine of the gameplay.

Time only progress when the player moves forward, making each player move vital to success. Standing still will freeze time, as well any incoming projectiles. It gives the player time to pick their next movement, allowing them to weigh up the situation.

After playing the version released in 2013, it’s easy to get excited over a further developed version. The striking minimalist visual style allows the game to instantly jump off the screen. Witnessing the results of each well thought out movement is thrilling, even more so when the screen explodes into flashes of red.

For a genre that is often labelled as uncreative, Superhot shows how changing the focus of the gameplay from established themes can create fresh experiences. The lack of regenerating health or constant supply of weapons and ammo is hugely welcome.


Perhaps the best way to convey the thrills that Superhot has to offer is to liken it to strategy games. Each turn/move has a number of outcomes. Genuine thought and reflection is required in order to achieve the best outcome. Suddenly that missed bullet and turn to the left becomes so much more important.

It goes without saying that Superhot is worth paying attention to. It’s rare a genre is turned upside down, defying age old traditions and themes. Xbox One owners should be excited for yet another top notch indie title hitting the system


Set for release on the 25th of February, a fancy new trailer and screenshot selection has been released for your enjoyment.






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