Mortal Kombat X DLC Wishlist – Karts, Chess & Costumes

Mortal Kombat X DLC Wishlist – Karts, Chess & Costumes

Mortal Kombat X is currently sitting pretty as the ‘new gens’ best fighter. With a rather messy story, and some questionable micro-transactions, Mortal Kombat X is arguably the best of the series. Attention turns to how well Mortal Kombat x will be supported in terms of DLC, and with one pack already out, people have began to note their hopes for future content.

The following is a list of content that would be more than welcome to Mortal Kombat X, from characters to mini-games, this is the Pixel Gate UK list of desired content…yeah, we can dream!



Motor Kombat:

During the PS2/Xbox/Game Cube era, Mortal Kombat struggled to find it’s feet. A hugely saturated roster, questionable game mechanics and bad stories left the franchise bruised and battered. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, in Mortal Kombat’s madness came a stroke of sheer genius, Motor Kombat.

Sure it was silly, and yes it didn’t exactly play all that well, but the element of fun was certainly there. Bombing through a number of tracks set in the Mortal Kombat universe, while controlling a ‘kute’ (couldn’t resit, sorry) version of the MK roster, was bizarrely brilliant. Mortal Kombat X feels like the perfect home for a flashier version of Motor Kombat, even more so with online lobbies.



Chess Kombat:

Yet another slice of weird, Chess Kombat appeared in Mortal Kombat Deception. A mixture of chess, RTS and classic fighting, Chess Kombat was a nice distraction. It wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t all that complex, but it was surprisingly addictive. It’s surprising Chess Kombat never appeared in a online enabled Mortal Kombat, now seems like the perfect time.


Puzzle Kombat:

Mortal Kombat Deception boasted one of the oddest mini-games in the franchises history in the form of Puzzle Kombat. Two characters battled it out on the bottom of the screen, with their success being determined by the players performance in the simultaneous Tetris like puzzle game. It was hardly a new concept, Street Fighter doing a similar thing previous to Mortal Kombat, either way, Puzzle Kombat was a hilarious pursuit.


Klassic Costumes:


The ball is already rolling with this one with the addition of Klassic Sub Zero. Future patches will see Klassic Scorpion added to the game for free, and hopefully it doesn’t stop there. Reptile and Ermac would seem like natural choices in terms of Klassic costumes, even more so given their ‘pallet swap’ legacy. In a throw back to the original Mortal Kombat, the addtion of original costumes for Kano, Sonya and Johnny Cage feel like good choices for free additions. With decades worth of franchise entries, the sheer potential for Klassic costumes is near endless.


Klassic Stages:


Like most fighters, Mortal Kombat has a rich history of iconic stages, most of them with their own fatalities. From temples to bridges, and a few dungeons in between, Mortal Kombat has a large selection of settings that oozed with the universes trademarks. Mortal Kombat X has a decent, and unique, selection of it’s own but jumping back into past battlegrounds would flare up some serious nostalgia.


Meat & Mocap Guy:


The pinnacle of running out of ideas for characters, even if they are utterly hilarious.







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