Mortal Kombat X & Bayonetta 2 Both Get Discounted To Bargain Prices

Mortal Kombat X & Bayonetta 2 Both Get Discounted To Bargain Prices

As April rolls on, and the massive games creep forward, a number of last years hits drop in price. While it may of felt the harsh sting of some salty individuals, and the review of a salt/conflicted/hypocritical Polygon writer, Bayonetta 2 is a utter steal at £22.80.

Bayonetta 2 is easily one of the best titles released last year, and a must own for anyone with a Wii U. The sharp visuals (yes, the Wii U can be pretty), tight gameplay and over the top video game glory results in a utterly joyous video game experience. It’s impossible not to enjoy this modern classic, unless your a super cultured and social conscious video game writer, cha. £22.80, cheap, wonderfully cheap, you can not buy it now, and behold the art before you.

Bayonetta 2 11/10 – Polygon Score Women that has flesh and personality 0/10

From the great, to the utterly pointless. The reboot of Theif that nobody bought (apart from me and three other people) has seen it’s price fall quicker Tim Schafer’s kickstarter credibility. For £7.50, this kinda pretty, kinda bad attempt at rebooting Thief can be yours. The Story is awful, the gameplay is fair, but this is a Thief game only by name, and certainly not by nature. Confusing level layout, stumbling game mechanics that never feel like they are actually working and some mind numbing voice acting are all present in Thief. It’s at least worth a look at for £7.50, in the same way you curiously looked at 2girls1cup in disgust.


Thief 5/10 – Who stole all the charm?

CDKEYS.COM IS SO DAMN CHEAP, Mortal Kombat X is still wiping away it’s new born tears and it’s already been discounted. For £13.65, you too can be outraged by the micro-transactions found in the latest Mortal Kombat. Buy the season pass and mourn the death of unlocking new characters by playing, instead of paying. Scream as you fail to pull of fatalities, make that ‘easy fatality’ pack look all the more sweeter.


Mortal Kombat X – To view this score you must pay £4.99/10


Kojmia may be gone, but does that mean you can’t be utterly confused to why Zone Of The Enders HD is so broken? Of course not! Relive the HD collection that was saved by Konami making a even worse HD collection (I see you Silent Hill). If you like Robots and terrible frame rate, Zone of the Enders HD Collection is the perfect package for you. £4.95 can buy you a meal deal, it can also buy you a do’gs dinner of a HD remastering.


4/10, but Kojima licked it so 16/10, clearly.



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