March’s Best – The Indie Dark Soul Inspired PS4 Classic

March’s Best – The Indie Dark Soul Inspired PS4 Classic

March was a month of remastered releases and new methods. Hitman’s episodic release began, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess all launched during the pretty ‘meh’ March window. The biggest game, at least in terms of marketing and spectacle, was Ubisoft’s The Division. It broke sales figures for the company, ushering in a new IP for them to work with, but it wasn’t the best game of the month.


Who would of thought that all these big budget games (most of which came from popular franchise and brands) would be overshadowed by a small indie game studio. Salt & Sanctuary, by Ska Studios, was the best game released in March.

It’s fitting that in the month before Dark Souls 3 we’d see the release of a tribute. Melting down all strengths of From Software games into the 2D realm is hard task. Ska Studios didn’t just manage to pull it off, they nailed it. From the core combat, to the Metroid-like level design, everything fits together neatly. The constant looming threat each enemy provides is relentless. Each foe has the ability to slay the player. Studying the attack patterns and traits of each enemy becomes second nature. While death will come, it never feels cheap. Dying feels more like a learning process, a lesson to be learnt which stays with you.

Nearly every aspect of Salt & Sanctuary works well. Boss battles produce thrilling moments, grasping victory from the jaws of defeat. The open ended talent tree creates a huge layer of depth, providing plenty of replay value. Complete with Co-op and PVP, the sheer amount of content and value on offer is outstanding . For a title produced by a small team, it puts a lot of ‘Triple A’ mega budget games to shame. Ska Studios have created a truly great game, worthy of anyone’s time. Salt & Sanctuary stands above the rest of the game released in March, as well as most of 2016′s. A must play.

Sean Halliday

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