Luigi’s Death Stare Sold Me On A Wii U

Luigi’s Death Stare Sold Me On A Wii U

I have to admit, I haven’t seen the appeal of Nintendo’s consoles ever since the Gamecube cropped back in 2001. I loved that console, and played through Wind Waker countless times. Then the Wii came out and I didn’t like the whole “motion control” gimmick that was going on, or how dumb the games were looking so I moved on to get an Xbox 360 which has been my main source of gaming since 2007.

Then the WiiU came out and I was initially interested, mainly do to ZombiU but my interest quickly dropped off when once again the games just didn’t look appealing, or enjoyable at all to me. The HD remake of Wind Waker obviously caught my eye, but I didn’t see any reason to buy this console just for Wind Waker, and ZombiU.

Then last week, Nintendo revealed that they would be releasing a Gamecube controller adapter for the WiiU which once again regained my interest in the console. I played with that tablet/game-pad and felt it to be extremely uncomfortable to hold, and there would be no way I’d be using a Wiimote for gaming, and now that there’s a chance to bust out my old Gamecube controllers to play these new games it helps sell the console to me, but only by a little bit. There still wasn’t much of a force pulling me towards the console in terms of games.

Then came along Mario Kart 8 and I snuffed it pretty quickly. I had lost my passion for the series ever since I spent countless hours in Double-Dash and eventually dropped off completely from the game. Even though MK8 looked gorgeous I didn’t find myself caring about it, or taking the time to really look into it. It was just another Mario Kart title in my mind and nothing more.

Then, a few days ago a little video went viral called “Ridin Dirty – Luigi’s Death Stare” which essentially got me all hooked on the game and made me want to buy a WiiU. I don’t know why this short, little video had created that urge in me, but it did. So now I’m essentially sitting here pricing out a WiiU and waiting to get my hands on the console, controller adapter, and Mario Kart 8. I’ll obviously be checking out Wind Waker HD, and ZombiU but now I won’t have to resort to buying the 3DS version of Smash Bros because I finally see some sort of appeal to the WiiU now.

Mario Kart 8 released on May 29th in Japan, May 30th for North America, Europe, and Brazil. With a May 31st release date for Australia.

Justin Ross


  1. eric
    June 4, 2014, 3:48 pm

    just get the wii up pro controller, it’s like the xbox one but better

    • Justin Ross
      June 4, 2014, 7:41 pm

      I thought the pro controller was complete garbage when I used one. I much prefer the 360, and Xbox One controllers.

      Also, I’d rather use the Gamecube controller to play anything really. It’s one of my favorite controllers ever made so of course I’ll be buying the adapter when I get a WiiU.

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