Lovely Planet Arcade Review (PC)

Lovely Planet Arcade Review (PC)

At its heart lovely planet arcade, the sequel to the indie game lovely planet is a twitch shooter puzzle game. After first impressions you might not think of this game as a puzzle game but everything revolves around figuring out what actions to take through trial by error especially during later levels.

The goal throughout the entire games is to take out the green men who are the enemies and depending on their appearances, different methods may be required to eliminate them. in some cases, shooting them will lead to different bonuses such teleportation or stopping time. The trial by error element is mainly derived from the fact that there is no room for mistakes to be made so as you progress and you take note of different features of each level you then go on to figure out how and in which order you are going to be executing the required actions.


The biggest difference compared to its predecessor seems to be the fact that like first generation fps games you can only move your screen horizontally along the x-axis with no movement allowed on the Y-axis. So in a way unlike lovely planet where you were able to look up and down, leap through the air on maps that tended to be quite larger, here the developer has purposefully made this sequel into something that is quite a bit different in terms of the mechanics involved. It is worth mentioning however that the jump mechanic in the game does allow for a bit of decision making it terms of verticality and where your bullet needs to land especially when it comes to taking out explosives and enemies with shields.

Despite its trial error nature this game never once became frustrating, mainly due to the calming and colourful aesthetics on show. The cut-out like animation coupled with the comedic and lively music does a good job of helping those that might find the game a bit frustrating due to the perfect execution that the game requires (at later levels a fraction of a second may be the difference between progression or the game over screen).


when looking at possible areas where criticizing maybe valid I came to the conclusion that any negative aspects of the game would be purely be subjective and that the game is so confident and sure about what it wants to deliver that it will always have its own niche audience willing to give this game a try and will most likely enjoy the experience.

Overall I had a blast with Lovely planet arcade and despite later levels becoming somewhat frustrating the thrill of figuring out the execution required and the rush involved with the completion of more difficult levels throughout kept me going till the end. I believe this game is great for people with a higher threshold and affinity towards more difficult games and on that basis I would only recommend lovely planet to those people.


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