Love Doom? Try These

Love Doom? Try These

Doom is currently dazzling the masses with its old school flair. The fast paced combat, its wonderfully crafted level design, all packed together with satisfying gameplay. Doom has introduced a new generation of people to classic first person shooter design. Good news, Doom is one of many games on the market. There’s only few similar games, but anyone with a bang average laptop or PC can run a whole host of game similar to Doom.


Shadow Warrior

The reboot of the cult classic, Shadow Warrior is great fun. It may not match up to the multi-layered levels of Doom 2016, but the core gameplay is similar. Fast paced shooting, mixed with a fair amount of melee. The focus is to build up momentum while switching up the method of player. With a host of weapons, attacks and spells at the player’s disposals, Shadow Warrior is filled with options. With its tongue firmly in cheek, Shadow Warrior is full of thrills, gore and cheap puns.


Rise of the Triad

Ever wanted to kill Nazis just by barking at them? Well 2013′s Rise of the Triad is just the game for you. Another classic game reborn, Rise of the Triad is wonderfully wacky. The combination of speed, brutality and sharp level design results in some truly satisfying experiences. There’s a sense of self awareness at the heart of the game, winking and nudging towards the player. With an abundance of power ups, all of which dial things up to 11, Rise of the Triad is insanely enjoyable.



Before People Can Fly was put to work on Bulletstorm and Gears of War Judgement, they created a cult classic. Painkiller is arguably the most ‘metal’ shooter ever released. Laying waste to hordes of demonic creatures and undead forces, Painkiller was relentless. Known for its speed and ramping challenge, the whole game is like bullet ridden jaunt. Creative weapons and towering bosses keep the action fresh. Complete with its own heavy soundtrack, Painkiller is straight up video game fun.


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