Love Dark Souls? Try These

Love Dark Souls? Try These

With the Dark Souls series coming to a close, there’s a number of people looking to fill the void. While replaying the series time and time again still provides enjoyment, there’s other games that offer similar delights.



Salt & Sanctuary -

Releasing on PS4 earlier this year, Salt & Sanctuary recently came to Steam. At its core, it’s 2D Dark Souls. Everything is there, the challenge, classes, builds and even a form of world invasion. Salt & Sanctuary oozes with confidence, combining influences from Metroid and Castlevania, along with Dark Souls, to create a wonderfully brutal experience.

Impressive amount of detail is on display in the various mechanics. It’s staggering that Ska Studios, the team behind Salt & Sanctuary, consist of two people. The amount of quality content the game offers is amazing, even more so for the price.

The PixelGate review for Salt & Sanctuary can be found here.




Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate -

In truth, you could play any of the main Monster Hunter games and still get as much joy. There’s no dark undertones or twisted imagery, but the core gameplay is very similar. Each hunt consist of going toe-to-toe with towering monsters. Combat is all about learning attack patterns, combos and spotting visual cues.

Both franchises make you earn victory. Managing health and stamina is vital, Learning to appreciate the mechanics of each weapon is key to success. Monster Hunter isn’t a direct reflection of the Souls series, but they share similar traits. Tough challenges, deep mechanics and memorable encounters.




Nightmare Creatures -

Often forgotten, Nightmare Creatures was doing Gothic laced nightmare worlds long before From Software. It plays faster than any of the Souls series, but feels eerily similar. Nightmare Creatures is dark jaunt through various grim settings. Monsters lurked in the shadows, often ambushing the player. The plot was pretty forgettable, but the game on the whole is a curious stepping stone towards Demon/Dark Souls.


 Dragon’s Dogma -

The open world MMOish nature of the game may not seem like it has much similar to Souls, at least at first. As soon as the big creatures start to appear, and combat is in full flow, suddenly things start to feel slightly familiar. Larger enemies will set them selves up as imposing beasts. Their attacks range from distance closers to all out health eaters. Much like most of the games in this list, combat is all about studying.

Dragon’s Dogma is unpredictable, often brutal, in most of its encounters. Walking around gathering materials can suddenly become a battle with a giant. Defeating each towering enemy provides that very same rush Dark Souls gifts to its players after they slay a boss. In its own right, Dragon’s Dogma is a brilliant game, fans of From Software’s titles can easily find themselves growing into Capcom’s modern cult classic.

Sean Halliday

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