Looting The Lootcrate: October ‘Fear’

Looting The Lootcrate: October ‘Fear’

Another month, another Lootcrate, this time things took a much more sinister tone. Keeping in touch with the month of Halloween, Lootcrate went all grim and festive with a collection of items. This months crate felt a lot more well rounded with less items being chucked in just for the sake of it. There was a decent mix between novelty items and genuinely nifty items that could come into use in every day life.


As with most crates, this moth shipped with a shirt. The design consist of a number of cats arranged to look like a skull…it’s oddly alluring. As someone who doesn’t normally like the ‘obvious reference’ shirts that normally come in the crates, this cat skull shirt is surprisingly appealing. It’s not too obvious, the design isn’t over bearing or garish, and the fit of the shirt is spot on. It’s not a item I’d wear out and about but it’s the perfect ‘sloth around the house’ shirt, or even a shirt to throw on at the gym. Even as a dog person, I can’t deny the cat skull shirt is decent, and a highlight of this months crate

 Picture 234


A less expected item included in this months crate is the exclusive Dead Rising 3 pen. It’s a little odd that out of all the games in the world, Dead Rising 3 is popping out a licensed item. It’s initial release was quite some time ago, and the PC port hardly set the world alight. All this aside, the item in question is a rather swish looking pen. Based off one of the weapon combos found in the game, the pen looks like a toy…which is cool, if you’re into that. Novelty pens genuinely make boring paper work a little more bearable, this is a sad fact of office jobs. Use it as a conversation starter, use it as a means to pretends to smash up the office, or just stare at it wondering if a office job is for you.

 Picture 238

The Walking Dead, the soap drama with gore, is another popular theme within the crate…and crates in general. This month includes a chibi art style still from one of last seasons more memorable moments. It’s a item fans of the show will eat up, even more so given it contains the worlds sexist red-neck Daryl. Personally, the item is a bit so so, it’s small, it’s just a piece of card, and my patience with the Walking Dead ran out months ago, it will make a nice stocking filler for a fan though.

 Picture 239

Another Walking Dead item is the variant ‘Loot Crate’ cover for issue 132: Happiness in the comic line. It feels a bit like a clumsy choice given there’s potential spoilers to the show (assuming most Walking Dead fans now come from the show rather than the comic). There’s not a whole lot to be said about the issue given it throws the reader right into a story line only followers of the comics will be on point with. Either way, it’s a nice nod to the original Walking Dead format.

 Picture 240

There’s a few stick on wounds and zombie bites included in this months crate. Give them to the kids for Halloween, or try trick your boss into sending you home sick, it’s really up to you.

 Picture 241

A code for a exclusive Thanatos Jack The Reaper Skin is also included. This code is redeemable in the fantastic MOBA Smite. It’s the perfect excuse to check out one of the most enjoyable free to play titles out there, a beautiful alternative to DOTA2 and League of Legends. The code also unlocks Thanatos, saving you some sweet sweet gems.

 Picture 242

The last ‘big’ item is a fantastic little book called ‘How To Survive A Sharknando & Other Unnatural Disasters’. This is honestly one of the best items Lootcrate has stocked. It’s a decently lengthened book detailing a number of unnatural disasters and monsters from various modern B-Movies. Packed with detail, humours little extras, and genuinely interesting to read, this book is the best item in the crate by a mile. Given the book is on sale for £.8.39, getting it in this months crate feels like a genuine ‘worth every penny’ moment.

 Picture 243

The October Lootcrate is pretty damn satisfying. The in-tune focus on the theme, the better range of items, it all works out nicely. There’s very few throw away items, or items that just leave you more confused than anything. Possibly the best crate they’ve put out, and hopefully a sign of things to come.




They did include a sweet called a ‘Toxic Waste’, these things are awful. For the love of all things beautiful, do not try to suck on the Toxic Waste for more than 0000.07 seconds.




Sean Halliday


  1. Dean
    April 15, 2016, 10:11 pm

    can you send the code to my email if you didn’t used it!?? I really really what the skin please I can’t see clearly in the picture

    • Sean Halliday
      April 15, 2016, 10:27 pm

      it’s long gone dude lol

    • Dean
      April 16, 2016, 7:11 am

      do you have another one to put your hands on?!?!?!?! please

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