Looking At Loot Crate: Transformers & Major League Gaming

Looking At Loot Crate: Transformers & Major League Gaming

Loot Crate has been on the rise for sometime now, mostly thanks to how well the company has used social media. The concept is simple, a box full of bits and pieces all wrapped together with a theme. A care package with a personality, Loot Crate is expanding, growing. Last months theme was Transformers, Loot Crate were kind enough to send us a crate so we could see what all the fuss was about.

The nature of Loot Crate is made pretty clear as soon as the box is opened. Instructions for the ‘perfect unboxing’. Document, share, enjoy, the three key words Loot Crate hold at the core of their values. It’s refreshing to see a company embrace the power of social media and sharing to promote and sell their product.

Each crate ships with a shirt, in this case the shirt in a cross over between Transformer and Back to the Future. The nostalgia value alone is enough to melt the heart of any child of the 80′s. While the design may not suit everyone, it’s at least a pretty nifty shirt to wear around the house during lazy day offs.

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The Transformers theme is continued with the addition of a Autobot sticker and a Transformers vinyl. Being a collector of vinyls, it’s a nice little model that brings attention to a line not all that well known when compared to the likes of Kid Robot and Funko. The blind boxed Vinyl can be one of eight trasnformers, 4 from the Decepticons and 4 from the Autobots. Collector or not, it’s decently made Vinyl and easily the best feature of this Loot Crate.


The last Transformers item is a curious little thing called a ‘Hex Bug’. It’s a small plastic, bug like, thing that jitters around in a sporadic manner. After a few plays around with it, the chances are it’ll either get lost or put in a draw and forgotten about.

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The theme changes from Transformers to MLG. These items include a sweat band, stickers and a code for one month of ‘GameBattles’ Premium as well as a code for a exclusive Loot Crate badge on the site. In all fairness, MLG has never appealed to me personally but these items will surely have a circle people who appreciate them.

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The last few items include some pretty nasty sour sweets, a badge stating the date and theme of the crate, and a small booklet. The booklet includes few comic strips, info on the items in the crate and a look at the theme and the companies involved with the items in the crate. The booklet is a decent brief read that gives loot Crate, as a company, a bit of personalty.


Overall Loot Crate is a decent gift idea for someone with a relative interest in both video games and films viewed as either nostalgic or in touch with ‘geek culture’. It’s a service that feels like a god send for those who might not be great at buying gifts for people but have a idea what said people like. Given the theme of each crate, it’s hard to truly whole heartily recommend buying 3 month subscriptions, after all one month could be a theme you have no interest in.


Subscription plans and further info for Loot Crate can be found at their official site.

Sean Halliday

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