LocoCycle (360) – Review

LocoCycle (360) – Review

Sentient bikes are the future. We have to come to accept that in this new world.

LocoCycle is a is a motorcycle racing game developed by Twisted Pixel Games, whom are known for games such as The Maw, and Splosion Man. The game stars I.R.I.S whom is a sentient motorcycle and she can perform 40 forms of combat, and speak well over 50 languages. She’s just that intelligent of a machine. However, she isn’t alone and is teamed up with quite the reluctant team-mate, Pablo.

Right away we’re thrust into a live-action cut scene with some ridiculously, hammy acting (which I probably can be is intentional). There’s some familar faces such as Michael Jones, and Lindsey Tuggey of Roosterteeth fame as well as Tom Savini who is known for his make-up, and special effects work in George A Romero films.

After this quite boring cut-scene plays, two guards are tasked with taking I.R.I.S and a rather gnarly looking Harley-esque bike named “Spike” to the garage for storage as a storm sets in. However, lightning strikes the bikes and we get a sort of Frankenstein’s monster effect to how the bikes are brought to life, and thus our journey begins.

So, we take direct control of I.R.I.S and are racing down these highways trying to escape our captors. The driving feels good, and fluid at times but there will be instances where the camera angle will abruptly change and alter the whole feel of the game and it makes the experience quite disorienting, and takes a few seconds to re-adjust.

This is where the combat steps in and we have to fight cars, and dudes on jetpacks. Not to mention the other bike, Spike will pop up every now and again to take you on. This is the part I’m really not too fond about in the game and actually pulls you out of the experience quite a bit, and actually renders the experience less enjoyable. You usually only attack with two buttons, or a third if you want to shoot your mounted weapons, but it’s still extremely bland, and is mostly just mashing buttons until the people you’re facing are finished off. It’s repetitive, and the combat just isn’t fun in the end. It feels too tedious, and more like a chore to take on these bad guys.

In terms of visuals there’s nothing really exciting here, other than the bike designs are pretty neat. I played on the Xbox 360 version, so I’d imagine the visuals on the Xbox One and PC would be a little more worth taking a peek at. Most of the environments you drive through feel the same, and there really isn’t much variety (I’m about 2 hours or so into the game at the time of this review) and most of the assets of the game feel copy & pasted.

So, the game just generally feels extremely tedious in terms of combat, and level-design so there isn’t much fresh perspective to take a look at when things happen. You’re essentially playing the same scenes over, and over with a plethora of quick-time events tossed into the mix, which just make the experience that less fun to play.

That being said the game is cleverly written (aside from the hammy live-action) and the banter between Pablo, and IRIS is always great to listen too. However, $9.99 is a little steep to pay for a game you’ll finish in a few hours, and probably never revisit. Especially when the game just isn’t all that fun to play. It’s easy for achievements though if you’re one of those people.

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Twisted Pixel make great games, don’t get me wrong. I just feel like LocoCycle is a small, little road-bump on that list of games. Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend it until there’s a price-drop down the line, unless you wanna get some quick and easy gamerscore.


Justin Ross

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