Latest Rainbow Six: Siege Patch Creates Issues

Latest Rainbow Six: Siege Patch Creates Issues

The latest patch for Rainbow Six: Siege hasn’t exactly done it’s job.

Released earlier today, patch 1.2 was set to fix bugs and sever issues. While most of the stated fixes have been a success, others have only made the bugs worse.

Matchmaking (both ranked and causal) is taking much longer. Prolonged searches for team members is now a common occurrence. It’s a problem that makes looking for a game a chore, with both sides quitting out.

1.2′s biggest problem is the ‘smoke screen’ bug. After a map has loaded, players become stuck at a single screen. This bug has been documented since release. Ubisoft stated 1.2 would fix this issue but it has only made it worse. Out of 10 games, 4 were met with the error.

Players have began to vent their frustration in game chat lobbies. Ubisoft’s patch has increased lobby waiting times while increasingly the frequency of a major bug. Rainbow Six: Siege is great fun, but constantly closing the game is not.

After delaying the DLC, this is the last thing Siege needed.



Sean Halliday

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