Konami Cancelling Silent Hills Is A Good Thing

Konami Cancelling Silent Hills Is A Good Thing

Silent Hills, the game that looked set to do what Konami had been trying to do for years, is now officially dead…and that’s great news. It might surprise some people that there’s at least one person whose happy about the cancellation, but I have my reasons, and none of them are ill willed. Silent Hills was always going to be a victim of it’s own success, well specifically P.T’s success, cast firmly in the shadow of expectation of a industry that is unashamedly fickle.

P.T was a beautiful slice of pure horror, a far cry from the jump scare/gore heavy horror titles that infest many a retail shelf. The atmosphere, the subtly, the mystery, it was near perfect. The entirety of P.T oozed with a genuine sense of craft, the devil was literally in the detail. P.T consumed the internet, it was no longer just a piece of promotional material, it was a full blown experience, a experience that broke the fourth wall.

How do you better something that had such a powerful impact on a audience which, by this point, is entirely cynical and doubting? Apparently you don’t. With Kojima gone, and Silent Hills officially dead, after a weeks of being in limbo, we are now left in a state of positive reflection, and it’s beautiful. Konami’s murder of Silent Hills has inadvertently result in a bitter sweet result, people are growing tired of Konami, but god dam are they talking about Konami…and Silent Hills…and Konami.

Like it or not, Konami is relevant again, Silent Hill is relevant again, albeit off the back of some ugly business. After years of trying to reboot the Silent Hill franchise, Konami seemingly killed their only attempt that was gaining any positive attention. Pulling P.T from digital services has resulted in people sitting back and appreciating P.T for what is was, and not for what it is. What started off as a short demo, has now became it’s own entity. Konami didn’t mean for this to happen, but P.T will now take it’s place in video game history, untouched by disappointment, poor sales or over exposure.

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Silent Hills represented the next step for Kojima and Konami, and even with that next step well and truly over, Konami finds it’s self in a interesting position. The eyes of the collective video game world are fixed upon them, their backs are against the wall…and it just so happens that Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain releases this year.

‘Kojima’s last stand’, the headlines write themselves. ‘End of a era’, like it or not, 2015 was always going to be a big year for Konami, and the apparent rift between them and Kojima has been marketing gold dust. There’s a morbid curiosity, people are poking Konami like they’re a dead, poking them to see if there’s still life in those old bones. The cancellation of Silent Hills has brought the spotlight back onto Konami, allowing Kojima to work away from the spotlight, which is where he does his best work.

How ever way you spin it, Konami, Kojima, Silent Hill, Metal Gear and PT all stand to benefit from the death of Silent Hills. All of them have inherited attention, P.T has even been rewarded with a legacy, a legacy of what could have been. Silent Hill is relevant again, Kojima has time to work, Konami has a ready made angle to market Metal Gear, the death of Silent Hills really is a great thing.


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Sean Halliday


  1. aaron
    April 28, 2015, 1:01 am

    Thank god I’ve had enough of my wife telling me how good looking this actor is…… So I took his cue and haven’t bathed in weeks but she still hasn’t touched my monkey.

  2. Byron Shelley Injeeli
    April 28, 2015, 8:44 am

    Probably a good move. Silent hill has been around for too long.

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