Should Known Scammer ProSyndicate Still Be Part Of EGX 2016′s Line Up?

Should Known Scammer ProSyndicate Still Be Part Of EGX 2016′s Line Up?

*As of yet, Eurogamer have no comment to make on the situation. Post will be updated whenever/if ever they do*

Eurogamer Expo/EGX has been one of the most enjoyable events i’ve been to. They’ve supplied me with press passes in the past, which i am grateful for, but this is a topic that i feel must be covered.

The event has a lot of young children/early teens in attendee, mostly for the guest youtubers. Recent events had led me to express a little concern on the topic…


Syndicate, a well known Youtuber, has been exposed as a scammer. His links to CS GO Lotto have left him in a bad light to say the least. Exploiting his young fans base through lies is not exactly a good thing. It’s produced another question in the process, will Eurogamer still pay him to attend their Expo?

EGX 2016 (formerly known as Eurogamer Expo) are hosting/advertising Syndicate for their event. He’ll be part of a singing session as well having his own stall selling his merchandise. It feels a bit…off given the recent information regarding his shady dealings. CS Go Lotto is not his first adventure into the world of lying to the people who got him to where he is.

Back in 2015, he played (and gushed) about Dead realm, a game in which he directly invested in. He never disclosed that information however, which we all know is naughty to say the least. Syndicate would produce regular video no the game, praising it from pillar to post. Of course he would, he had a finical stake in it. Dead Realm had a number of large Youtuber investment, all of which who played the game on their channel. This mean’t the game had no marketing costs given the size of the channels it was played on. It didn’t stop the game from being poor.

The CS Go Lotto scandal is essentially the same, but worse. For one, it’s gambling that’s open to people under the age of 18. The worst element is the fact the bets can potentially rigged. But hey, i’m sure they aren’t, after all Syndicate has a history of being honest and…oh, wait…just look at his videos based on the site. The size and regularity of the wins suggest the bets are rigged.

Syndicate partly owns CS GO Lotto, which he never disclosed (see a trend here). This means he has access to the back end of the site, allowing bets to be rigged. That’s some real shady stuff. There’s a whole sea of ethical issues to discuss. The fact remains, Syndicate is a liar, yet Eurogamer are still happy to have him part of the biggest game expo in the UK.

Eurogamer has history with supporting questionable people. Train2Game were present at their events in the past. For those not aware, Train2Game is a scheme that seeks to sign up to a course than gets them into the video game industry. The catch is the course costs £4000 and that’s hidden away in the small print. They’ll send a salesman to your house to drive in the hard sell before tasking would be students with a test. This test includes questions such as ‘Which game popularised the first person shooter Halo, Call of Duty, Medal of Honour or Doom?’ The Answer is Wolfenstein 3D, which will stun the salesman into nervous submission.

Train2Game has a shady past too. They’ve been around by the name of SkillTrain, a company that offered a similar ‘service’ to get people into trades like plumbing and the like. Yet Eurogamer were fine with supporting Train2Game.

So what’s next? Eurogamer have shown they aren’t afraid to lay down the law when it comes to their events. KSI, the Fifa/Vanilla Ice tribute act was banned from the event due to his behaviour during the 2012 expo.

It’ll be interesting to see if Eurogamer will continue to support Tom ”Syndicate” Cassel. He’s shown no remorse or regret for his actions, posting a few weak tweets and memes in reaction to being exposed. The fact this is the second time he’s pulled a trick like this suggest he really does not care. It’s not like Eurogamer haven’t been covering the story either, yet Syndicate remains part of the EGX 2016 line up.




‘I apologize to anyone who feels mislead regarding the ownership of @CSGOLotto. I will always be more transparent from here on out!’


Scammer may sound like a harsh term, but how can you deny it? he’s gaining money from lies.

Sean Halliday

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