I’ve Lost All Interest In Minecraft

I’ve Lost All Interest In Minecraft

There were times when I could boot up Minecraft, sit down, and play for hours on end and just have blast exploring the worlds, spelunking dungeons, and building anything my imagination could dream up. However, as of late my interest in the game has all but suddenly died and I can only find myself playing for a few short minutes before getting completely bored of the game. My friends and I would start up a world, dive in, and just have a wonderful time creating things and making our own little worlds to explore, and have adventures in.

Our world had everything we could dream up, and was a wonderful place to go explore, and look around to see what others had made in the server, and just marvel in awe at some of these awesome creations. Well, my time was mostly spent in awe because everyone was a better builder than I, and my buildings/houses always turned out to be something really crappy, and slapped together where most of my friend’s houses were massive, glamorous and looked like it took some time to build. My draw to Minecraft was more so the experiences with other players, and less about the building aspect of the game.

Telling your own tales, and adventures to friends was the highlight for me. Spending five hours in the early morning (1am-5am) exploring caves, and killing monsters with my friends, trying to find a dungeon and diamonds. I can’t express the joy I felt when he had discovered a massive cluster of diamonds (my first time finding diamond ever) and then soon after finding a dungeon, with a monster spawner. Those were the moments I lived for in Minecraft, and sadly it all went away.

My friends stopped coming into the server, and all together stopped playing Minecraft. They moved onto other games like Terraria, Day Z, etc. And, I was left playing Minecraft alone, considering my PC at the time was rather junk and it experienced massive amounts of lag during in-game rainstorms, so I didn’t play much besides Minecraft (and that would be hell at times). Eventually it got to the point where that computer died, and I was without Minecraft for the longest time and noticed that it had been released on the Xbox 360, and having the console I decided to purchase the game, and try and relive some memories on my Xbox.

For the first few months, I was alone playing the game (again) but a few of my friends were buying the game on Xbox and we began playing together again, only to find out that this version of Minecraft was much more of a bore than the PC version, for obvious reasons (no mod support, custom texture packs, etc). I stopped playing this version altogether when The End update came out, and it made me extremely underwhelmed, and disappointed.

Yes, I realize The End was out first on PC, but it released when my PC was down for the count and had no way of accessing it, so my first true experience with the content was on my Xbox. However, a few months later I built a new gaming rig, and was proud that it was capable of playing most resource heavy games on high, and was also thrilled that I had my first true gaming PC, and I immediately installed Minecraft again, and began looking for servers to play on. I wanted people to play with, and didn’t care if they were random people on the internet.

I found a server that catered to my interests of both the game, and Doctor Who. A Doctor Who server for the game felt like the perfect home for me, and I immediately began exploring the server, and coming across things that made the Whovian inside me pretty much pee himself with excitement. I was hooked on the game again, and spent hours exploring recreations of Doctor Who sets, looking at TARDIS builds, and more. It even got to the point where I made a trailer advertising the server, and made a video series of me exploring the server, and sharing the content with the world.

After recording a few episodes of this series, my interest fell from the game again and has continued to be that way for the last few months, and I’ve desperately tried to reinvigorate it but I can’t. I used to enjoy watching Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Plays in Minecraft but I’ve lost all interest in that too.

I have no idea what’s causing it or why. I love the game, I really do. I just can’t seem to spend more than five minutes in the game, or videos of the game without getting bored. Perhaps I’m just waiting to see what the game is like on next-gen consoles, or I’m just not meant to return to playing Minecraft like I used to.

Thoughts? Am I the only person out there who’s completely had all of their interest in Minecraft die? Let’s discuss it.

Justin Ross


  1. Josiah
    December 17, 2013, 3:05 am

    You should look into Minecraft modding. It may not awaken your love for minecraft again, but it’s fun to learn how it works and how to add your own personal touch to it, a bit like adding your own texture pack but more involved. That or watch MonkeyFarm on Youtube. After watching his series on single player vanilla minecraft it made me appreciate the game for at least a little while again.

    • Justin Ross
      December 17, 2013, 6:12 am

      I actually did dabble with the mods, and texture packs. Still didn’t do much for me.

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