Is Titanfall What People Want as the Face of Video Games?

Is Titanfall What People Want as the Face of Video Games?

The sheer amount of hype and excitement around Titanfall is intense, really intense, and that produces some interesting questions over what gamers are looking for these days. Titanfall (at least in its beta form) is a slick, multi-layered, multiplayer-only shooter than oozes confidence and quality. The thing is, it’s still a first-person shooter–the genre people tend to level the most criticism at. The question, then: are people still not bored of the genre?

There’s often a disgruntled murmur when people discuss shooters, especially given the oversaturation during last generation, yet Titanfall seems to be mostly exempt from this. There’s a slight sense of confusion that after so much frustration at how prominent and repetitive (at least at their core) shooters are, they somehow remain so popular, and that Titanfall has everyone excited. That’s not to say the game is same old, same old, it’s just not what you’d expect people to get so hyped about after a lengthy period of shooter fatigue.


With the rise of the indie developer and the return of some dormant genres,what’s come with it is a sense of surprise that the next big thing is yet another first-person shooter focused on multiplayer. It’s not a negative, or an issue, it’s just a surprise given how vocal and disenchanted a growing number of people have become with the genre.

Are people truly seeking something new, something that is totally fresh and does not include elements of which we have grown accustomed to? Or is Titanfall just that good that it genuinely breathes new life into a rather stale genre? Part me of thinks most people would take anything over Call of Duty or Halo being the poster boys for first-person shooters (perhaps even video games). This does not mean I see Titanfall as a poor game, or a bad image; if anything the combination of gameplay styles, themes, and various other tweaks make Titanfall a true prospect for greatness.

The qualities of Titanfall are there for all to see, but will it change the views of the disenchanted? While it may not matter in the grand scheme of things, let’s face it: Titanfall will sell fantastically well. It’s an interesting point to ponder. With a new year, and two new consoles, the field is totally open and level for a new IP–or existing franchise–to seize the throne and be recognized as the face of modern video games. But wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t a first-person shooter? Just maybe?

Sean Halliday

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  1. Michael Derp
    March 13, 2014, 2:11 am

    A new IP that does something new and innovates on past ideas as e face of videogames today? Hell yeah. It’s better then another sequel that does little but I prove the looks like our ps4 exclusive Infamous Second Son.

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