Is This The Most Exciting E3 In Years?

Is This The Most Exciting E3 In Years?

With E3 fast approaching, people are already discussing their expectations when it comes to the ‘big three’. Last year represented some pretty big changes, at least in terms of presentations. Nintendo’s Direct plan drew initial criticisms and concerns. Not physically holding a conference at E3 sounded like a truly risky move, but when all was said and done, Nintendo Direct was a success. Their brave move proved that the face of E3 was changing again, E3 2015 could be another year of change, at least for Sony and Microsoft.

E3 2015 will be a key event in both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles life cycle. Neither system has truly defined it’s self, with both systems hosting some great games, but no where near enough of them. Consumers are still looking for that ‘big’ game, that exclusive that will shape the image of it’s respective console. Bloodborne is the only ‘new gen’ exclusive that has seemingly made a impact upon release, but one game is not enough, and Sony knows this, Microsoft knows this.

For the most part, both systems are on equal footing, but E3 could be event that changes that. The Order 1886 was a disappointment, The Master chief Collection was a utter wreck. Both Sony and Microsoft suffered, and now the people expect better, arguably they deserve better. This sets up E3 2015 to be one of the more interesting expos for some time. All eyes will be on the battle between Sony and Microsoft, as they both lay claim to the throne of the console market once again.

There’s the obvious expectations that the likes of Uncharted and Halo will make a appearance at some point, but it’s the ‘new’ games that will create the biggest impact. The market is crying out for new IPs, truly next generation titles, rather than already familiar mechanics wrapped with slightly better visuals.

Breaking habits of old will be key for both Sony and Microsoft. Both companies have a history of rambling on about non-game app services for far too long, often killing any momentum their conferences have built up. Spending prolonged time on multi-format third party games (e.g. Microsoft and Call of Duty) would also produces more groans than cheers.

This year’s E3 has to be the year for both companies to come out swinging, showing off reasons to own their system. It’s a genuinely exciting that we don’t know what to expect from either Sony or Microsoft. There’s the odd franchise that’ll make a cameo, but for the most part, the field is wide open.

Sean Halliday

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