Is The Blind Faith In Final Fantasy 7′s Remake Warranted?

Is The Blind Faith In Final Fantasy 7′s Remake Warranted?

The Square Enix fail-safe is in full affect. The Playstation Experience featured a short trailer of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, complete with a little bit of gameplay. The fan favourite, the classic, the ‘masterpiece’ is back…well kinda.

While most people are understandably blinded by nostalgia, this doesn’t mean Square Enix is suddenly back to it’s glory days. People have seemingly forgot that this is the company that has failed to produce decent single player Final Fantasy titles in a long time.

Final Fantasy has been dragged from pillar to post. From god awful mobile games made to push micro-transactions, to repeated attempts to create a new icon, the franchise is tainted. It’s rare that modern final Fantasy games even have a focus, with seemingly random concepts thrown around to see what sticks.

For every failure, Square have always had that Final Fantasy 7 rainy day fun. Releasing the same version across various platforms, always turning in profit. Square know the power of Final Fantasy 7, they know the power of nostalgia. The remake is easy money, regardless of quality.

Given the reactions to the trailer, people expect a lot from Final Fantasy 7 Remake. At this point I’m not even sure if they’ll truly be able to appease the fans, as in truly appease. They could put out any old crap and the Final Fantasy fan base would most likely eat it up. To be fair, most long running franchises have garnered the same loyalty. Uncharted 3 wasn’t anywhere near the heights of it’s predecessor, but god damn I’ll pretend it was.

Final Fantasy 7 is the ultimate fail-safe for Square, be it a port or a remake. People will be hesitant to pass criticism on such a classic. Sheer blind faith in a developer, that long sense surrendered the luxury, seems like a fast path to disappointment.



Sean Halliday

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