Is Metroid Prime: Federation Force Doomed To Failure?

Is Metroid Prime: Federation Force Doomed To Failure?

Metroid Prime Federation Force exists, and apparently it’s already against the wall. Ever since the initial reveal during E3 2015, fan reaction has been ‘mixed’ to say the least. Federation Force’s trailer was met with a 90% dislike ratio, Twitter was awash with confusion and outrage, it was simply not welcome.

It’s not hard to see why people are so against Federation Force. The visuals look below average, generic gameplay and that distinct Metroid flare . Its main flaw is the two words that act as a prefix ‘Metroid Prime’. A franchise that influenced game design for decades, a character so iconic to the spirit of video games. All of that is gone, and people aren’t happy.

Metroid has hardly been a franchise that has stayed in its lane. We’ve seen Samus appear in various titles across a number of systems. Jumping from single player exploration shooters, to hand held multiplayer death matches and even a hack-and-slash hybrid. All of these games contain that one key thing, Samus Aram.

Federation Force lacks more than Samus, it doesn’t even look or sound like a Metroid game. Nintendo are known for having a fiercely loyal fan base. Meddling with such a treasured franchise was always going to draw attention. As a game, Federation Force looks like it was its own thing, only to be slapped with the Metroid game, cheapening the franchise. Not even Nintendo could of predicted the storm heading their way.

Fan petitions to cancel the game, hugely negative reactions across social media and gaming communities. Where do they go from here? What chance does Federation Force have to succeed? Nintendo have a huge job on their hands. Fans won’t, and don’t, appreciate the cheapening of such an esteemed franchise. Fans of the franchise were already left slightly bitter after Other M, a title which spilt the fan base in many ways. E3 2015 was the year many speculated that a new Metroid would be revealed, a true Metroid.

Federation Force found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fans were excited, they were ready for Metroid’s next appearance on either the Wii U or 3DS. Nintendo knew this, but they weren’t quite listening. There’s a curious suspicion that Federation Force was part of Nintendo’s experimental approach to smaller games with new concepts.

Splatoon has proved Nintendo can still craft new IPS and see healthy sales. Perhaps they simply lacked confidence in Federation Force and slapped it with a familiar brand name to gain instant interest. With all that being said, Federation Force could turn out to be gem. Until the consumer has the game in their hands, there’s no way of determining its quality. As with most things video game related, the best way to protest is not by petition, but by keeping your wallets closed.





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