How Accessible Is Black Desert Online For New Players?

How Accessible Is Black Desert Online For New Players?

Black Desert Online finally releases in Europe on March 3rd. After playing through various Beta testing events, there’s been one chief question that popped up. It’s a question that won’t be relevant to the majority of people I suspect are interested in the game. Is Black Desert Online accessible enough for someone who is completely new to MMORPGs?

The question of accessibility is rather taboo within most MMO circles. For a long time, making a game accessible means reducing a game’s depth and complexity. Fans of the genre thrive on depth, mechanics and learning their chosen game. History has shown how making a MMORPG ‘accessible’ has damaged a game. We’ve seen this in many different titles, most famously Star Wars: Galaxies.

Bridging the gap between the genre old guard and the new blood is incredibility tricky. Black Desert Online is no different. From personal experiences, I spent around two weeks playing alone. Obviously the node managements and various unique mechanics took sometime to learn, but the core was familiar. Within a day or so, I was questing and mining with the best of them.

I felt Black Desert Online was perfectly accessible, 10+ years of MMORPG experience may of influenced this. The next step was taking someone who had never played a single MMORPG and bringing them into the game. In all fairness, there’s plenty of sources across the internet to aid new users. Countless Youtube videos, twitter feeds and dedicated websites act as guiding lights to players both new and old.

The community is the leading force in making Black Desert Online accessible. The game may bombard players with pop box after pop box, drowning the screen in info, but the community breaks it down. It became clear that attempts made by in-game tutorials and text pops was far too convoluted for new players. It’s too much for fresh faced MMO players.

After a lengthy Beta period, the community has provided the bridge the developer could not. Creating content that aims to welcome in new players has became a vital cog in the Black desert Online machine. Learning the game is no longer a study session, it’s a viewing party. Broken down, deciphered and made digestible. Is Black Desert Online accessible? Yes, and it’s all down to the surrounding community.

Sean Halliday

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