Initial Impressions Of Doom’s Campaign – Fast & Brutally Brilliant

Initial Impressions Of Doom’s Campaign – Fast & Brutally Brilliant

With Doom review copies being tricky to get a hold of, there’s not much to draw opinions from. The Beta put off a fair amount of people, including myself, making Doom a curiosity more than an anticipated release. The following is initial impression based purely on four hours with the single player.

Various big budget games open with cut scenes and quick time events. They try to be as cinematic as they possibly can. Doom on the other hand, it doesn’t care for any of that guff, it starts as it means to go on, shotgun in hand. The opening is fast and to the point, which sums up the general tone of the game.


Doom drips with confidence, from its shooting to its movement, everything feels so slick. Playing on a fairly high spec PC allows Doom to purr. Its technical performance is silky smooth, all while providing some awesomely grim visuals. The mixture of sci-fi and satanic imagery has been fully brought up to date, complete with redesigns of familiar enemies.

The idea of familiarity plays key part of the Doom experience. For all intents and purposes, this is very much the Doom you’ve already played, only this time its been expanded and improved upon


Doom’s thrives on the aggression, both in its mechanics and enemies. There’s no let up or rest, the pace of the game is relentless. Each room fills with enemies, all of which will go straight for the jugular. In typical old school fashion, the best form of defence is offence. It’s all about the running and gunning, Doom does it wonderfully. Switching between weapons, obliterating creatures, simple joys.

One new mechanic that will remain love/hate is executions. After taking a certain amount of damage, enemies will enter a stunned state. Players can melee these enemies and perform flashy executions. It’s not just to look ‘cool’ either, executed enemies will drop health. While it may not be to everyone’s liking, the mechanic does play quite a large role in the core gameplay.

That’s not to say there’s no health pick ups in the game, far from it in fact. Doom is generous when it comes to supplies, especially ammo. Each area is littered in health, ammo and armour. Classic power ups and high tier armour picks can be found scattered across levels, producing some nostalgic touches.

Level design is easily the most tangible change. Each stage is often multi-layered, complete with colour key doors and secret areas. Typical classic in lay out, fantastically modern in design, id Software deserve credit for their craft. It won’t be uncommon to uncover extensive areas purely by mistake…along with a few Easter eggs.


Is Doom worth the admission price? It’s difficult to say as of yet depending on what you’re looking for. Snapmap makes for a wonderful editing tool, making up for the poor nature of multiplayer. After just over four hours of the campaign, all the signs are positive. The core gameplay is brilliant, providing school girl like giggles time after time. Doom’s infamous dark humour even rears its head, especially when ‘Doom Guy’ gets to show off his mannerisms.

For those seeking old school thrills with all the polish of modern technology, Doom will prove to be more than serviceable.

Sean Halliday

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