InFamous: Second Son: One of the best Comic Book Experiences Around

InFamous: Second Son: One of the best Comic Book Experiences Around

Last month saw the release of InFamous: Second Son on the PS4, and surprisingly it’s a big release that didn’t disappoint me, at least in terms of gameplay and content.

Second Son felt like a complete package and not a rushed game made to jump on the new generation as quick as it could. The weird thing about Second Son that I enjoyed the most was playing it as its own game, away from the past InFamous titles, and there’s a reason behind that.

There’s been a spate of comic-related TV shows and films recently, and a large slice of them fail to hit the mark. The reason I bring this up is because Second Son, at least to me, feels more like a genuine comic book experience than most of the others out there are on the market. Agents of SHIELD, for example, is packed full of Marvel references and familiar terminology, yet Second Son carries more of a comic book feel than a entire season of Agents of SHIELD.


It may sound strange but playing Second Son with the mindset that it’s part of a comic book universe, like. for example X-Men, means it totally fits in, even without any familiar characters of reference. It’s an odd experiment that could make the game that much more enjoyable. It’s not just by sheer chance this happens, either, because the writing, the tone, and the powers all allow Second Son to pull off the comic book tones without feeling forced.

Second Son has plenty to praise, from the visuals and the solid gameplay, to the characters (well at least the core cast of good guys), as well as some neat usage of the PS4′s various features. Even if you put the whole comic book vibe aside, Second Son is still a high-quality game–arguably the first true must-buy PS4 title.

As a person who merely enjoyed InFamous 1 & 2, Second Son comes as something of a surprise in terms of just how good it is. The game has quality in abundance, but look at as a comic book tale and it gives it that little extra shine.

Sean Halliday

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