Indie Developer Threatens G2A With Three Day Ultimatum

Indie Developer Threatens G2A With Three Day Ultimatum

It seems the feud between G2A and TinyBuild Games is far from over.

A recent press releases from TinyBuild discusses  G2A’s ‘aggressive’ statement, with some interesting developments coming out of it . This has resulted in the indie developer/publisher issuing athree day ultimatum.

TinyBuild have taken issue with how G2A have ‘questioned’ a story regarding Punch Club’s piracy, which was published soon after the game’s release. G2A are currently being accused of trying to discredit the story, as well as TinyBuild Games.


G2A’s finger pointing at bundle sellers is also mentioned, with TinyBuild claiming the likes of Humble Bundle are being used as a ‘escape goat’. TinyBuild have even made the accusation that G2A are black mailing them.


Things get even more personal with TinyBuild saying ‘everybody knows their (G2A’s) reputation’. The initial discussion between the two was to verify keys, but TinyBuild believes G2A would simply resell any keys they’d send over, making more money.


A proposition has been offered by TinyBuild,with the aim to clear up the grey areas of sites like G2A:



TinyBuild are going all in on the issue. They’ve supplied various examples of G2A controversy in the past. These stories include G2A facilitates black mark economy, stolen PSN accounts for sale and Trion World’s CEO blaming G2A for the inability to afford proper fraud protection.  

All of this comes after TinyBuild claimed G2A had sold $450,000 worth of keys for their games, which they did not see a single dollar of.


The whole thing is starting to get a bit sticky. Bringing the issue out into the public realm could produce a few problems. G2A are no strangers to controversy, but they do have a rather large user base. TinyBuild have already been DDoS, these new developments could result in similar attacks. Could this damage both companies?



I’ve reached out to TinyBuild with a request for a interview

Sean Halliday


  1. Huey Newis
    June 23, 2016, 2:34 am

    Hello Sean Halliday,

    You need to read again your article and review it or ask someone else to.
    Title is wrong, G2A is the one doing that 3-day “ultimatum” not the indie developer/publisher TinyBuild.
    On G2A linked statement you can clearly read:
    “G2A.COM calls for tinyBuild to provide their list of suspicious keys within three days from the date of this transmission”.


    • Sean Halliday
      June 23, 2016, 4:30 am

      Hey Huey. Sorry for the confusion, the last screen cap did not upload! TinyBuild offered a solution to the issue, but they also issued their own 3 day ultimatum (the screen cap should hopefully be there now) just in case it’s not

      ”In the same fashion as G2A issued us a 3 day ultimatum to share keys, we are issuing a 3 day ultimatum for G2A to provide a solution for developers and publishers to benefit from the marketplace”

      If the cap is still not present just give me a shout and i’ll see whats going on. I’m still a bit of a novice with Tech issues!

      • Huey Newis
        June 23, 2016, 9:55 am

        Thanks for the remark but that’s what you get when images don’t load up, those infos should have been transcribed instead of screen captured.

        A better title would be “Indie Developer **Counters** G2A**’s Ultimatum** With **Another** Three Day Ultimatum*”

        PS: It’s visible now ;)

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