How Well Does Ana Fit Into Overwatch?

How Well Does Ana Fit Into Overwatch?

Ana, Overwatch’s newest hero, has been around for a few days now, but how does she fit in? She’s one of the more curious heroes that doesn’t directly compare to her peers. It’s not a bad thing, even though it has left a number of players seemingly playing her incorrectly.

At her core, Ana is more of a secondary healer and crowd controller. Her primary attack heals a fair amount, but nothing that till carry a team. She thrives on situations in which she can stay out of the action. Distance and positioning is key to getting the best out of Ana, even if that means feeling a little left out.


The range at which she can heal is both impressive and intimidating. Supporting her part from afar, helping to control the pace via her abilities, is a great asset to the team. Given how she works, some heroes are easier to healer than others. Mobile heroes such a Genji and Tracer require solid aiming to heal.

What else can Ana offer beyond ranged heals? Her sleep dart and biotic grenade provide some solid methods to control the pace of the game. Sleep dart can shutdown most heroes performing their ultimate, allowing Ana to save her team often. The biotic grenade works effectively both defending and pushing forward. A healthy splash radius makes the grenade a great tool for quickly healing a group of players.


Obviously Ana’s ultimate is what has most people excited. This, in the right hands, can be a huge game changer. Nano boosts increases a players speed and damage, allowing them to destroy enemy players. When used correctly, nano boosts can change the tide of any given game. Heroes like Genji and Reinhardt excel when boosted, bursting through enemy defence.

Some have augured it could be considered over powered, but this is debatable. Nano boost gives more legitimacy to crowd control, encouraging choices like Mei and McRee. In the grand scheme of things, Ana fits in pretty damn well. Her damage output is fairly low, but not useless. Primary attacks tick away at enemies health. It won’t kill most heroes with under three hits, but it does force them to seek recovery.


She may not have the ability to carry a team, but her usefulness is undeniable. Ana can dictate the pace of a game. In her current state, the best point of comparison is pre-patch Zenyatta. Both heroes acted as additional supports, rather than carriers. Blizzard have created a hero that fits straight into the Overwatch’s meta, offering plenty of options and variations. Depending on public reaction and experimental play, she could quite possibly see some tweeks in the future.



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