How Smoothly Did The Division’s Launch Go? – Outages & No Clips

How Smoothly Did The Division’s Launch Go? – Outages & No Clips

*Based on PC version*


It’s fair to say there were questions over just how smoothly The Division launch would go. Ubisoft are hardly known for smooth releases these days, even more so after a rather messy Rainbow Six: Siege release. But how well did The Division’s launch?

Rating the level of success depends on who you ask. European players enjoyed a surprisingly clean release. Stable connections allowed players to enjoy at lest a few hours of play before problems arose. The American release saw severs crash, causing frustration across the board. After numerous Beta events, people expected Ubisoft’s severs to handle the load. Social media was aflame, outrage was posted.


In fairness, launch day issues for games of this type tend to have teething pains. Beyond sever problems, The Division tends to suffer from a few niggles. Everyone has seen the image of players lining up to interact to complete a mandatory task. In what would have been a pain to encounter, it grew into something of comedic moment. The problem is there are issues that can make play sessions worthless.

Clipping through the world is possible, often happening at the worst time. During story missions, players will often find themselves switching from cover to cover. Steps and curved walls have the potential to sink players into the floor when used as cover. Players will fall through the map, resulting in them respawning at Safe Houses, cancelling their mission progression.

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Bugs also appear in side content, mainly those involving defending areas. At times enemies will refuse to spawn, halting progression of the task entirely. This is easily fixable via patches, but the problem still makes enough of a impact to warrant a mention.

Sever outages and random disconnections have also created some frustrated players. Disconnections seem to be more common in the North America area than anywhere else. Europe recently had a short down period due to apparent power cuts at Ubisoft respective sever base. Overall, general performance has been strong, which has came to the surprise of many.

The Division’s launch, in general, has been fair. Ubisoft have went through the standard teething pains, with every sever outage receiving mass coverage. Technical issues (mostly depending on Hardware e.g. Nvida’s pre-launch driver) are always a factor in any game’s release, The Division is no different. No major problems have been underlined as of yet however. For all the worries and speculation surrounding the launch, things turned out to be decent enough. Don’t drop the ball now Ubisoft.


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