How Good Is Rainbow Six: Siege’s New Map?

How Good Is Rainbow Six: Siege’s New Map?

Rainbow Six: Siege’s first major update is officially out, and there’s plenty of changes afoot. The minor things like stating the map and game type during the Operator select are warmly welcomed. It’s the new map that has everyone excited, well aside from the new additions to the roster , but is it any good?

After 10-15 matches on Yacht, there’s a few things to look over, mainly in terms of if the map is any good or not. In truth, it all depends on what team you’re on. Yatcht is Siege’s hardest map to attack by a country mile. It’s not a bad thing, if anything the challenge is refreshing. Each entry point offers very little forgiveness, but it works.

After two months on the market, veteran Siege players have set into a routine . Pop a doorway or window, look for the obvious signs, porgress. Yacht turns this process on it’s head, mainly down to the angles given the defending players.

Each entry point is pretty much open to defending fire. There’s very little for attacking players to take cover behind after vaulting in. Smokes and flash grenades have now became vital to the attacking team’s cause. While they did have usefulness in the core maps, teams could largely take or leave them. It’s pleasing to see Ubisoft giving both grenade types their time in the spot light.


The focus on dangerous entry (yes, I know that sounds like a cheap porn film) gives shield users more importance. Blitz and Montage (not counting Fuze, purely down to how good the AK is) can bully anyone in the tight corridors of Yatch. Lacking cover or alternative routes, corridors are easily filled with a single shield user. On the flip side, Smoke has now became a hugely affective Defender.

Smoke’s gas bags can clear out large portions of Yacht, seeing a large increase in gas kills. His entire set-up feels perfectly tailored to the whole map. Packing a powerful shotgun, Nitro Cell, SMG and gas bags, he’s the hottest defender on selection. The maps size and narrow nature has also seen Thatcher grow into a much more popular option.


The large radius of each EMP grenade allows Thatcher to wipe out enemy defences with ease. His weapon selection between two rifles is a weakness however. Shotguns and SMGs are pretty much the essential choice for any game mode played on Yacht.

Defending is a much easier prospect, even more so with a fairly competent team. Given how small each area of Yacht is, traps and placements are much easier to place effectively. Kapkan can play with some devilish trip wire positioning, especially in the living area of the map. New addition Frost can easily ruin anyone’s day. Her welcoming mat trap is deadly, blending in well with the flooring on Yacht. When combined with barb wire, Frost’s traps can be barely seen.


Unfortunately for some, Yacht renders two Operators kinda useless. Tachanka’s machine gun serves little purpose, with some areas refusing to play host to his toy. Glaz isn’t exactly adoptable to the new surroundings either. The chances of popping windows to get shots on enemies within the Yacht are minimal. It’s not all doom and gloom, Tachanka’s core weapon choice is pretty strong for the map, and Glaz’s smoke grenades are pretty handy.

Initial impressions of the new map are pretty positive. Tight areas play host to intense fire fights, with chaos bleeding into each of the surrounding rooms. Each floor is filled with kill zones, ensuring players are always on their toes. The newly placed importance of flash and smoke grenades is also a big positive. Ubisoft may have taken a while to deliver a new map, but it was worth the wait.


Oh, and each gun has a new skin…they’re quite nice

*For some reason or other, everyone who played Buck died within the first 60 seconds of the game. No idea if it was down to bad players or Buck being. Until this is made more clear, no judgement will be made on him…bar his picture is quite funny*

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