Hearthstone Got Me Hooked On Cards Again

Hearthstone Got Me Hooked On Cards Again

I seem to have this thing where I get really hooked into a card game (Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, Magic, etc) and then I lose interest for years, or most times just for good. It’s been an interesting life hopping from card game to card game trying to find something that will be my next addiction.

I remember my early days of cards revolving around Yu-Gi-Oh and having duels at my school on the playground which always seemed really tense and would often end with kids getting into some pretty nasty scraps on the yard, or even reduced some kids to blubbering messes. Especially when we started playing the game on a sort of gambling system. If you win the match you get to take your opponent’s best card. However, Yu-Gi-Oh got banned entirely at my school and we moved onto other card games and had to resort to actual physical activities at recess. It sucked.

Sadly, the entire card game made me lose interest when all these new rules were getting thrown in and the entire thing just got way too confusing for me, and I just couldn’t find myself enjoying the game anymore. I dropped off completely, and it was also sort of around the time that the game was starting to release on consoles. I had the game on PlayStation 1 (Forbidden Memories) and the one that was developed for Game Boy Color. However, all of my interest left by the time the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2 titles started launching.

So, Yu-Gi-Oh is sort of a lost thing for me now. I doubt I could ever find myself hopping back into it, and learning all these new rules and what-not. The whole thing has just taken a turn I’m not too big on.

After I lost interest in Yu-Gi-Oh, my card game appeal switched over to Duel Masters. This was a unique game but it didn’t really hold my interest too long. It was more interesting than Yugioh but at times this felt a little more complicated than Yugioh was at the time. My friends and I would spend hours battling, and constructing decks and then trying to figure out what worked out the best.

Not going to spend too much time on this because I feel like it’s an obscure card game, and not too many hopped into it. This one also felt like it died out pretty quickly. That being said, if anyone reading this played Duel Masters then totally let me know in the comments below and what you thought of this game compared to Yugioh, etc. However, the show was fucking atrocious. God, it was so bad.

Then there was Magic The Gathering which I’ve always had a keen interest on during my life, and never really got the chance to experiment with it until the video-games started launching on a yearly basis. It quickly became one of my favorite card games, and eventually lead me to invest into actual, physical cards of the game (black decks for the win). Magic may be the most complicated card game I’ve ever played, but once you’re into it, and invested into the game you’re hooked. It may seem intimidating to some people, but it’s really worth the investment. Especially when you start winning matches, and learning how to play the game more smoothly, as well as learning some killer strategies.

Now, I’ve found a card game that is not only easy to pick up but it’s also pretty fun to play. Not to mention the fact that it’s easy to throw in a quick game before school, work, etc. That game is Hearthstone, and it’s a CCG (collectible card game) developed by Blizzard who are of course known for Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. Hearthstone is based in the Warcraft universe and it’s a pretty unique card game itself. For me, it feels like a “lighter” version of Magic, and much more fast-paced. Some matches could only last a few turns before you’re sitting there completely helpless against your opponent, and it’s actually a nice feeling. Not the fact that you’re losing, but you learn new strategies this way and learn to defend yourself against that same situation in case it were to happen again.

Hearthstone may not be for everyone, but I definitely recommend anyone who’s into card game check it out. I took a sort of long break from getting severely invested into these types of games and Hearthstone is what pulled me back in, and is also the only game I’ve been playing for the past week. It’s free to play so go give it a chance, you might not be disappointed.

Now excuse me, I have some duels to go finish.

Justin Ross

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