Hearthstone Expansion Causes Buyer’s Remorse

Hearthstone Expansion Causes Buyer’s Remorse

The recent Gnomes vs Goblins expansion for Blizzard’s Hearthstone has created some confusion. Players have flocked to the in game store and thrown down real life money to buy packs of what they thought were new cards. The problem is, the store separates the packs between the old cards and the new expansion cards, a fact that has escaped some users.


Players have seemingly paid big bucks for cards they did not even want, with some (such as the streamer in the video below) laying down $70 dollars before noticing her mistake. The whole affair is a little amusing but does beg the question just how many people are spending chunks of cash on cards they never even wanted.

Next time you go flying into Hearthstone looking for those new cards, check the store front before throwing your money into Blizzard’s wallet.


Sean Halliday

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