Has The Division’s Open Beta Sold You The Game?

Has The Division’s Open Beta Sold You The Game?

The Division Open Beta has generated a lot of discussion. Dissecting each element of the Beta, picking at the best and worst. At this point, everyone knows exactly what The Division is and what it has to offer. Are people now more likely to buy into Ubisoft’s next big release?

From a personal perspective, my interest in The Division was barely there. Sure the E3 reveal back in 2013 impressed me, but I was still sceptical. Ubisoft are hardly the most trust worthy name around. The quality of their work is so inconsistent. Releasing broken and heavily bugged games is a huge red flag. Repetitive game design repeated throughout their Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed franchises is mind numbing. Then there’s the misleading trailers, Ubisoft did not deserve my (or anyone else’s) trust.

The release of Rainbow Six: Siege changed my views on Ubisoft. I expected the multiplayer, the game’s core focus, to be ridden with micro transactions and pre-order guff. The season pass reveal caused me to be greatly concerned, I even muttered ‘pay-to-win’ at one point. I was wrong, Siege’s multiplayer was far from a season pass vehicle.

Three months later, and 100 hours invested, my views towards Ubisoft have been altered. Siege still has a number of issues, including questionable severs, but the support as been fairly decent. Ubisoft proved to me that they could still create good games, my interest in The Division sparked. Concerns over sever problems remain however, even after a silky smooth Beta window.

With 15 hours sank into The Division Open Beta, I now find myself ready to buy on launch week. Breaking down the mechanics and concepts offered in the Beta played a major influence in my decision. Feeling more like a demo than a Beta, I was able to test various PC settings to see how well it ran. Ignoring the marketing, hype and PR buzzwords proved to be beneficial.

After the Beta ended, I found myself missing the game. Even with a limited amount on offer, I was still able to thoroughly enjoy my time in-game. From registering zero interest in The Division, I’m now all ears. I suspect that Ubisoft now uses the term ‘Beta’ in the same way most use Demo…but it’s working.

Sean Halliday

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