Grand Theft Auto Online: A Letdown?

Grand Theft Auto Online: A Letdown?

I really do enjoy playing around in the online portion of GTAV with friends, and we can usually sink a few hours into it by just messing around, outrunning cops, and causing plain old mayhem in general. However, even with all the fun that can be had there’s still a slew of issues with the online, and in the end it’s really kind of a let down when you think about it.

For a while the game gives you an entertaining romp in an online world, but when you get down to it it’s just a slew of disappointment and shows signs of a broken, and buggy system. That, and it’s severely lacking in content, with most of the content missing which was promised at launch. Heists? We’ll supposedly get those later this year.

The economy is broken, and is exploited on an almost daily basis from my experiences. I signed in a few weeks ago and saw that $100 million dollars had been deposited into my account that I didn’t earn on my own. I figured I had won something, or done something worth being rewarded but in the end found out that people had hacked the economy in the game and were sending out massive amounts of money to random players in-game. Neat.

As mentioned above, it’s not an entirely bad, and broken experience. Mucking about with your pals can be some of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve had on the last-generation of consoles, but eventually that hits a point of getting stale as well, and again usually deals with the economy and the way the game is set up. My main argument usually leaves me going back to GTA4 and talking about the “Free Mode” multiplayer in the previous game.

The game felt completely open, and allowed players to do whatever they pleased without anything being locked out, or restricted. You could spend hours dicking around and not have to worry about having enough money, or losing a bunch of your money upon death, in which death happened a lot when the dicking around came into play.

Now, it sort of feels like we’re being penalized in some sort of way for having fun, and what people have grown to expect in a multiplayer component of these games. Oh, you died? Let’s take away some of that money. I can understand that system being in place for the core-singleplayer game, but when it carries over to the online it just feels a tad disappointing. Mainly, most of the time my buddies and I will play the online component we dick around, and end up getting ourselves killed half of time which would usually involve us being broke as hell, and thus restricting us from doing jobs in the game.

Sure, there’s ways to make a quick buck in the game to do said jobs, but it’s just not a fun experience and feels extremely tedious if you play in the style that we do.

That being said, most of the jobs are pretty uninteresting and boring as well. I expected to see some more “Story” based stuff, and less of these copy/paste missions that seem to be abundant in the online. For me, the only jobs/missions I can really take anything away from are the “Top Fun” stuff in which players are thrown into fighter jets and have to chase after other players on foot, or in land based vehicles. That’s fun as hell, but everything else I could really pass on.

What happened to the fun modes like we had in GTA4? I miss Cops & Crooks, heck I miss a lot of stuff from that games multiplayer that’s been removed from this entry.

I’m probably not alone in the sentiment/feeling that a party system would of been a welcomed addition back into this game. It was great to party up with your buds before heading into public matches in GTA4 and not have to worry about getting separated when you switched lobbies or backed out of something.

Now, when leaving jobs to go back to Free Mode it feels like half the time you, and your buddies get sent to different sessions. Now, there could be a party mode set-up that prevents this in the game but every time we get sick of jobs and wanna dick around again we have to start new sessions, and invite each other again. It’s frustrating, and doesn’t make much damn sense to me.

The world doesn’t even feel like a living world like we were told it would be. Most buildings can’t be entered, and I actually don’t know if any can be entered besides Stores, and Apartments. The online in general just feels too restricted, and closed down in a sense. Animals were abundant in the single-player and are non-existent in the multiplayer component.

I remember countless memories in Rockstar’s other title, Red Dead Redemption where we’d romp around in the online hunting bears with throwing knives and dynamite. That was fun, and I just wish the animals carried over to GTA’s online, and not just its singleplayer. Imagine swimming around in the ocean and seeing who’d last the longest during a shark attack.

In the end, I feel like the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V is a letdown. Is it fun? For a little while yeah, but it loses its appeal after an hour or two and I’d find myself moving to play something else, and revisiting the online a few days later. The online also seems to be lacking severely in content as well as being extremely restricted/locked down. It just doesn’t feel like a finished product like it was advertised.

Could the online get better in the coming months? Sure, if more content is dropped. But then, the hype and appeal could of already passed at that point.

Justin Ross

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