Gaming Deals: Dark Souls 3, Gears of War & Ryse Discounted

Gaming Deals: Dark Souls 3, Gears of War & Ryse Discounted

With the Easter holidays in full swing, now is a pretty good time to take a look at some decent deals popping around. From Dark Souls 3, to remakes of classic last gen titles, there’s a fair amount to pick from.



Dark Souls 3 – £35.95 (PS4 / Xbox One)

Easily one of the biggest games of 2016, Dark Souls 3 is coming in all of its Gothic glory. Famed for the its challenge and creature design, Dark Souls always provides memorable video game moment. The Game Collection currently have pre-orders up on both PS4 and Xbox One at the price of £35.95


Dark Souls 3 Prima GuideAmazon £13.59


In all honesty, I don’t get why people still buy these. Guides pop up on the internet within 48 hours of a games release. If you do want to own a physical guide, complete with some snazzy pictures, then Amazon has you covered.


Gears of War Ultimate EditionXbox One £9.99

The Xbox 360′s famous franchise makes its Xbox One debut…kinda. It looks and plays wonderfully, but it’s still just the same game you’ve already played. To the game’s credit, the online is quite popular, allowing people to relive the days of mumbling Mad World into the mic and screaming how two piecing is for noobs.


Ryse£8.99 Xbox One

Looks fantastic, plays well, finishes before you know it. Ryse took a strange journey from being a Kinect exclusive to oneo f the Xbox One’ launch titles. In all fairness, the game is fun. If you like Gladiator or that cheeky Spartacus TV show, you’ll enjoy Ryse.



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