Game Deals: Bloodborne, Twilight Princess & Titanfall Discounted

Game Deals: Bloodborne, Twilight Princess & Titanfall Discounted

It’s the start of a new week, so why not save a few quid when it comes to your video game needs? As always, all the links to the deals are found within the title.

Titanfall Xbox One- £8.99 using code ‘XV10′

There’s still a player base alive and kicking on Xbox One, it’s just not all that big. £9 is a pretty fair price for a game with top notch gameplay, even with it lacking content. If you’ve always been curious about Titanfall, now is the time to give it a try


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – £29.85

The Zelda game people either forget they played or forget they owned. Twilight Princess may be split large sections of Zelda fans, but it’s qualities are still there regardless of where you stand. 2016 has been a quite year for the Wii U so far, but Twilight Princess HD is a welcomed addition to the systems library. £30 is fair price for the amount of content on offer, even more so if none of the release in March interest you.



Bloodborne – £26.99 using code ‘ XV10 ‘

It’s easily the best exclusive of the current generation. Dark, deep and amazing, Bloodborne is the only exclusive where the term ‘must play’ can be safely muttered. Fans of the Souls series will find plenty to enjoy here, as well as a few new things. Even people who aren’t ‘in’ to the Souls series can still enjoy Bloodborne. It’s still worth the £39.99, never mind £26.99.


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