Game Deals 18/01/2016: The Division, Rainbow Six: Siege and Farcry Primal Discounted

Game Deals 18/01/2016: The Division, Rainbow Six: Siege and Farcry Primal Discounted

Playing quality games on a budget is no longer a hardship. With plenty of sites wanting your money, there’s deals all over. From specialist retailers, to supermarket, they all have at least one decent offer. It’s the 18th of January 2016, and these are some of the best deals on the internet today.


Rainbow Six: Siege £29.99

It may have the odd rough edge, but Siege is fantastic. The multiplayer action feels fresh, focusing on approach rather than action. Fire fights are intense bursts of action, rarely allowing the players to feel safe. With barely any single player content, waiting for a price drop was more that justifiable. Both Zavvi and GAME have Siege listed for £29.99, with the latter coming in a steel book.

GAME Xbox One Listing

Alternatively, using the code ‘HOTJAN’, Siege (PS4) can be obtained for £26.90 over at Rakuten 


Dragon Quest Heroes – Day One Edition £19.99

GAME currently has the latest Dragon Quest title up for just under twenty quid. The day one edition includes 5 in-game items (all based on the slimes). It may not be anything new, but the mass hack and slash gameplay is hugely satisfying. For £19.99, there’s plenty of fun to be had, even if you have no clue about Dragon Quest.


The Wolf Among Us Complete Season – £4.74

Arguably TellTale’s best work, The Wolf Among Us is brilliant. The murder mystery crossed with fairy tales concept is intriguing. Character interactions never feel pointless or prolonged. Pacing is near perfect, resulting in the player organically wanting to progress. Each of the five episodes are solid, with no filler in between. Voice acting and the soundtrack are both top notch. TellTale’s engine may be old, but it looks its best throughout The Wolf Among Us.


The Game Collection Using code ‘ GRATEFUL10 ‘

It may be one of the less known sites, but they still run fairly decent deals. Using the code GRATEFUL10, The Game Collection have a bunch of titles on sale. Super Mario Maker + Art book can be picked up for £26.95. Destiny: The Taken King clocks in at £19.75 on both PS4 and Xbox One. The code is even applicable to Farcry: Primal, resulting in a price of £35.55 on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft’s The Division is also one of the title in which the code can be used for. Both PS4 and Xbox One versions clock in at £35.86



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