Full Bore – Review (PC)

Full Bore – Review (PC)

Full Bore is in an interesting game in that sense that it takes the whole block puzzle game to a new formula and you play as a Boar, hence the title sort of being a play on words. You explore crumbling ruins, and various other locales while digging for treasure? I don’t really know considering I couldn’t exactly find much reason as to why I’m digging around in these ruins. Treasure seems to be the logical thing and from what I can tell there wasn’t much risk of failure either. From my time spent with the game I didn’t encounter any enemies, or any risk of death what-so-ever.

You’ll encounter various puzzles while playing, but there’s no incentive of actually completing said puzzles which is kind of a letdown. Other than unlocking a path for some collectible gems, and some bits of lore/backstory for the game. Nothing really rewarding unless you’re one of those people who needs every collectible collected at the end of the day. That being said, the core aspect of the game involves you digging around in these environments to progress to different areas of the map but the downside of this as mentioned above is just the lack of incentive for progress. There’s really no sense of accomplishment, and there’s a sort of weird timing involved with the controls which makes the feel of the game feel really odd to grasp and took me a good half an hour to really grasp how the controls work, and make my movements a little more fluid.

Visually, the game is very appealing and the particle effects and system present in the game is pretty nice to behold. However, that’s not much of a reason alone to drop almost $15 on something like this that in the end is lacking what I tend to look for in a game most and that is that it needs to be fun and make me feel like I’ve accomplished something while playing. The whole draw and appeal for the game seems to be for the collectors, and people who love exploring vast caverns, and dungeons. I like to think of myself as one of those people but there needs to be more of a draw than just that for me to fully enjoy what is displayed out in front of me.

Is Full Bore a terrible game? Not by any means, no. There’s some moments of enjoyment in the game, but I could only find myself enjoying it in very small bursts. I can see what the developers over at Whole Hog Games tried to do with the title but frankly there’s similar games out there that offer more bang for your buck. That being said, if you’re one of those people who love collecting items and exploring dungeons and that’s a major appeal for you then you’ll no doubt have a blast with Full Bore, but for someone like me the game just sadly couldn’t capture my attention.


Justin Ross

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