Four Ways To Improve Overwatch

Four Ways To Improve Overwatch

Overwatch is hugely enjoyable, but it’s not without its flaws. There’s a few niggles that can detract from the experience. While it may be nothing game breaking, there’s a few things that could be done to improve the game. The following are just a few ideas to help solve some of Overwatch’s annoyances. Remember, these are just suggestion based on the opinions of someone who no-lifed the game.



The Role No One Wants 


I think we’ve all been there. The game starts, 80% of the team pick their hero and get ready to start. 15 seconds before the game is about to commence and it turns out your team has two Widowmakers, one Hanzo and a Bastion. No tank and no healer. What a joy. People are seemingly set in their ways, only ever wanting to play a class that adheres to play styles they’ve enjoyed in other games.

Overwatch may not require it, but a solid composition does improve a team’s chances of success considerably. In order to tempt people into playing a needed role, perhaps a extra experience boost would be welcomed? There’s already a easy gold medal in it for the most part, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough. Small experience bonus could  be a helpful way to encourage someone to fill a much needed empty role.




Most games of Overwatch tend to be pretty quiet. Text chat is still popular, but not many people are using their voices. Call outs are always handy, even more so when playing slower Heroes. The best way to get call outs is via someone using the microphone, but other than that there’s no real alternative. Having the ability to stick a quick marker down, last for a few seconds, would be a much welcomed touch. It would enhance teamwork, as well making it easier for players to contribute to the team. A simple quick icon won’t cheapen the value of Widowmaker’s infrared either, it’s win-win.


Duplicate Value Increase 


Loot Boxes…they’re such a bitter sweet thing. That moment you back out of a lobby to open your newest loot box, the excitement of it all. You’ve shot, stabbed and battled your way to a new box, what rewards will it bring? Oh, three greys and a blue. Maybe even the odd purple?! OR EVEN A LEGENDARY?! Oh, it’s a duplicate. The coin worth of duplicates is insultingly low, often making high end duplicates feel just as pain as the sh*t sandwich of three greys and a blue.

Surely it would make more sense for high end duplicates to reflect their value? More i’m not saying the exact value of the item, but closer to it?


Symmetra Ain’t No Support


I still have no idea why she’s in the support camp. Her 25 shield is the only active support she has, and that’s not much. Her portal can get people to the front in an instant, but that’s still not really support. Her damage output can be impressive with some solid turret placement. If anything, she’s more defence than support. When people see that ‘need a support’ box on the Hero select screen, Symmetra should not count. It’s a nitpick, but just put her into another category to avoid the confusion. When was the last time you saw a team with her as the only support?








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