Flick Knights: Touch Controls Made Interesting?

Flick Knights: Touch Controls Made Interesting?

I was never one to get into the whole appeal of mobile games, or games utilizing touch-screen controls. It always seemed gimmicky to me, and I just never got into the whole phase. I dabbled with Angry Birds for a few months but eventually lost interest after spending that much time with it.

However, today I came across a game that utilizes touch-screen controls and actually seems pretty darn interesting. I’m going to reach out the developers for an interview, and then see about getting a review out for this title. I’m that interested in it. For those of you who want some extra information, here’s what I pulled from their IndieDB page.

ASYNCHRONOUS TURN-BASED MULTIPLAYER ACTION! Players trade turns as they flick their team’s characters across the screen, trying to elminate the opposing team’s base and its members. The Official Flick Knights League welcomes all newcoming coaches to show their skills in the playfield. And remember, it’s all in the wrist!


Does it seem unique? Yeah, to me it does. It also advertises cross-platform multiplayer which is also pretty awesome. I’ve never really been super interested about a game like this before, and it’s essentially a first for me. Will it live up to my expectations? Who knows. Will I enjoy it? It seems like it.

The game is currently in an open-beta/early access stage and can be played for free by downloading it from their site right here. Being an indie developer myself I know how difficult it can be to get your game out there, and get people downloading and actually interested in your project. So, I hope this little article can aid the developers in a game that not only seems to deserve it, but also feels incredibly unique.

They also mention to expect glitches, and bugs but that they’ll also be developing the game around the comments and criticisms from the community. It’s nice when developers do that, and take the community into account when developing for the future of the game. So, if you’re interested the download link is above and I’m including a trailer for the game below.

I’d like to wish Ballpoint Monster Studios all the best in their development endeavors.

Justin Ross

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  1. Ballpit Monster
    January 6, 2014, 4:39 am

    Thanks a ton, Justin and Pixel Gate!

    We are thrilled to know you have such hopes with our game and, if we are lucky, we can be used as “gateway drug” for you to play more mobile games too :P

    Feel free to contact us at the address in this comment. We are ver insterested in your feedback about your experience with Flick Knights.

    Cheers from the ballpit!

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