Five LEGO Adaptations I’d Like To See

Five LEGO Adaptations I’d Like To See

I’m not going to joke around with any of you. Those damn Lego video-games have been pretty killer lately, especially the Lord Of The Rings one. It brought some things to my attention as well as causing me to throw my hands at my keyboard to write this piece on some things that I think deserve the Lego video-game treatment. Hopefully some of you can agree with me, and hopefully you guys have some neat ideas of your own. There’s no particular order with these, so let’s get on the road.

10. Jurassic Park

I’m a huge fan of Jurassic Park (can’t wait for the fourth film by the way) and I can’t help but think how amazing it would be as a Lego adaptation. Of course the game’s story could deal with the first three films in Lego format, or even add the fourth film, Jurassic World once that bad-boy releases next June. Dinosaurs are great and we need more games dealing with those prehistoric giants.

Think of all the set pieces. The kitchen scene from JP, the tall grass scene from Lost World, and hell even the plane-crash scene in JPIII. The list really does go on.

9. Doctor Who

I’d like to think this would be one of the more exciting, and entirely open ideas that a Lego game could go for. Doctor Who involves time travel, planets, and a plethora of interesting monsters and companions. Not to mention it’s about an alien who can change into a different “person” per-say every time he’s near death. Imagine the possibilities with a Doctor Who Lego game. Create your own Timelord, design your own TARDIS. The possibilities would be nearly endless.

8. Game Of Thrones (A Song Of Ice & Fire)

I know this one would be the least likely to happen due to it’s graphic violence and sexual content, but I think it would such a blast. Follow the same nature with LEGO Lord Of The Rings and have an entirely open world that can be explored with optional side-quests, and fun little things to do. Could it work? Very much so, but the chances of ever seeing this would be slim as Lego is geared towards the kids and well, GoT isn’t exactly something children should be taking in.

7. Deadpool

Sure, Deadpool may have gotten his own game and we already have a Lego game set in the Marvel universe but what’s wrong with people wanting some more solo Deadpool action? He’s witty, and the added hilarity of the Lego games would most likely make this an experience worth having. Chimichangas and all. However, this is probably on here because I have a huge man-boner for Deadpool and I sort of adore him.

6. Breaking Bad

This one doesn’t need much explanation other than “Legos bitch!” Yes, this another slim chance of ever happening but luckily someone on the internet by the name of Brian Anderson made an awesome animated short of what we could possibly expect if ever do see Breaking Bad transition into the Lego universe. We probably won’t see it do the drugs, and whole meth empire aspect of the show but I think you have to admit that it would be glorious. There’s a video below of the said short, but be warned there’s some spoilers regarding the later seasons of the show if you haven’t finished watching the series.

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  1. Justin Ross
    April 28, 2015, 1:36 am

    Hilarious that LEGO Jurassic World is coming out now!


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