Five Games You Need To Check Out In The Steam Sale

Five Games You Need To Check Out In The Steam Sale

Steam sales are always handy. Most people already know what they’re looking for. The biggest releases of the last few years are often the most popular games picked up on sale, but there’s much more to explore. Covering every smaller release would take far too long, but there are some games worth highlighting. Even with that said, be sure to browse the lesser known games on Steam before the sale ends.


Apotheon – £2.74

Released last year on both PC and PS4, Apotheon is a fantastic game that boasts some stunning visuals. Set within ancient Greek mytholgoy, players must scale Mount Olympus to rid the Gods of their powers.

The 2D art style works perfectly, invoking imagery seen on pottery of the time. Colours pop off the screen, animation flows beautifully. It’s a love letter to Ancient Greece, but it’s also a top notch video game experience. The side scrolling action is a slick mixture of brutal combat and minor puzzle solving. Old school in nature and hugely enjoyable.



Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition – £3.74

Realistic firefights and a focus on tactical team work results in one of the most rewarding multiplayer games on the market. Rising Storm pits two teams of players across a broad range of historic World War 2 battles during the Pacific campaign.

One shot is enough to kill a player dead, giving the whole experience an intense atmosphere. The sheer amount of content on offer here is amazing. For £3.74, you get the whole Rising Storm experience, along with the entire Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad game. That’s two of the best multiplayer shooters for less than £5.


Door Kickers – £7.49

For a game that looks so basic, the depth is impressive. Door Kickers gives players a single Swat team which progresses and levels over time. The core concept is planning how to approach each mission, plotting the paths and actions of each team member.

Completing missions isn’t hard, the real challenge is pulling off the perfect raid. Players are graded on how effective their plans are. Losing a squad members or taking too long will lower the final score. Door Kickers does a fantastic job of nudging the player, encouraging them to improve.

Soon you’ll spending hours planning the perfect raid, scoring top marks and producing a smug grin of success.



Satellite Reign – £7.58

The soundtrack, you can’t deny it. From the very first 60 seconds, Satellite Reign engulfs the player with cyberpunk goodness. This squad based RTS-RPG is fantastic. Levels are huge in scope, packed with life and colour. Experimenting with squad compositions and individual builds is engrossing.

Player’s are given a huge amount of choice, giving Satellite Reign plenty of depth and replay value. Chaining abilities together and pulling off precise statics results in sheer video game brilliance.



Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – £14.99

With Fallout all but ditching most of it’s RPG elements, Wasteland 2 is the perfect replacement. Having the ability to craft a squad of characters is such a welcome release. It’s not a case of choosing how they look, it’s about creating how they’ll play.

If you want to embark into the Wasteland as a smooth talking pistolero, you can do it. Fancy yourself a Medic with a love of big dirty melee weapons? No problem. In a time of watered down RPGs that are barely RPGs, Wasteland 2 sticks up two fingers and throws some dice. The pacing may be a little slow at times, but overall it’s a hugely rewarding experience

Sean Halliday

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