Fable Anniversary: An Experience Worth Re-Living

Fable Anniversary: An Experience Worth Re-Living

Most of my time has been invested into Fable Anniversary, so that is mainly the reason for my lack of reviews, articles, and what-not for the site. I apologize. I’ve never been one to buy into the whole “remake”/HD release of games, but Anniversary was one I couldn’t pass up, and I’m really glad I didn’t. It’s bringing back some great memories of romping through the original and giving me the chance to check out the Lost Chapters content that I never got to experience.

You can say I’m glad to be back in pre-Fable II & III Albion.

Surprisingly, it looks good and is definitely an improvement from the original visuals, and may be the best looking HD re-release yet. I didn’t go in expecting something on the levels of Crysis 3 at max settings, but it’s still a beautiful game and I like to think the entire thing as a whole holds up to today’s standards, albeit with the minor glitches and issues that were present in the original which have carried over. Do they hinder the experience? No, not really unless the game freezes, but I’ve only had that happen twice with the 20 or so hours that I’ve sunk into the game.

Immediately a smile was plastered on my face as I experienced regions, quests, and activities from where I played through the original almost ten years ago. Now, there’s even more incentive for me to do everything in this game, which I never had in the original play-through even though I loved the game. The achievements are great, and don’t feel too stressful to obtain and could make for an easy 1000G across one playthrough (and yes there’s a work around if you don’t have a Smartglass capable device) but that doesn’t sacrifice fun in the process.

Not only that, but this game is also giving me the chance to check out the Lost Chapters content that I never got around too. (Spoilers ahead if you’ve actually never played through the original Fable)

That being said, I’m not up to that point yet (I don’t think) as I’ve just freed my mother from the prison. The only thing I know is that instead of fighting Jack once, we have to fight him while he’s in some sort of a Dragon form with this new content, so I’m excited for that.

Nostalgia is typically known for screwing over gamers, and making them regret purchases (Duke Nukem Forever, Thief, etc) so I’m pretty happy that after dipping my paws into Anniversary that I’m coming away from the experience relatively unscathed, and extremely happy with the end product.

Of course there is some minor issues with freezing, and the constant “Smartglass” advertisement every time you load up the game does get quite irritating, and I wish I could turn that off. That said, I only downloaded Smartglass to snag the achievement and then quickly deleted the app from my device. Stop trying to make it happen.

That being said, I love this game and is currently the most time I’ve sunk into a game in recent memory, mainly due to work dominating my schedule. I can definitely recommend Fable fans pick this title up, but would also recommend that people who’ve never touched the game check it out as well. It’s $39.99, and is by far the better iteration in the Fable series of games. You take away more from the experience as a whole.

Justin Ross

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