EVO Is The Single Greatest E-Sports Event

EVO Is The Single Greatest E-Sports Event

The world of E-sports has grown in the last few years. The rise of League of Legends, DOTA2, Call of Duty and the ever present Star Craft 2 have resulted in the scene being full of range. While each game has it’s respective following , all with their own distinct community and event presentation, there is only one event that captures the true joys of video games in a competitive nature. EVO is hands down the best representation of video games as a spectators event, a competitive event, a genuinely enjoyably event.

While the likes of League of Legends and DOTA2 may provide huge spectacle, complete with sold out arenas, the humble but honest nature of EVO makes the event incredibility endearing. The simple, yet slick, set up of EVO gives it a much more human level. There’s no over the top set pieces, no obnoxious promos, just a easy on the eye set up. Two people, one scree, and a crowd of people more than willing to give the event life and personality.

The range of fighting games present at EVO each and every year is always staggering. From the well known power franchises such as Marvel Vs Capcom to the more obscure fighters such as BlazBlue, it’s all there and packing their own unique charm. Regardless of how familiar (or even unfamiliar) someone is with a game on stage, the action is appealing, the crowds enjoyment is infectious. A curious five minute look at a game can turn into a full on viewing of the games respective tournament.

EVO speaks to the tradition of old arcades, the idea of winner staying on, of people playing their favorite games side by side. Prefer Street Fighter to Marvel vs Capcom? No big deal, everyone just likes to enjoy the moment. While other e-sports events put their ‘stars’ into almost celebrity like status, EVO almost encourages the barrier between crowd and competitor to dissolve, with relationships being created giving each match a story. People like Chris G and Justin Wong almost play roles in the eyes of the spectator, it’s oddly similar to something you’d normally see in the likes of the WWE.


EVO is truly the best combination of competitive video games presented in a format that doesn’t feel alien to new comers and veterans. The sense of fun, the sense of community, the connection between what’s going on stage and how the crowd is reacting result in EVO being a sheer pleasure to watch. Non-E sports fans (like myself), fans of MLG, LCS, DOTA invitationals, everyone should at least checkout EVO. Hard to explain, easy to enjoy, EVO is hands down the best competitive video game event around.

Sean Halliday

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