EA’s Ultimate Greed Knows No Limits – Buying Your Way To The top

EA’s Ultimate Greed Knows No Limits – Buying Your Way To The top

I’m not exactly sure who thought throwing Ultimate Team into EA’s next UFC game was a good idea. In fairness, it’s pretty obvious that the inclusion is purely based off the rampant success of the Fifa counter part.

For those who tend to stay away from sports games, FIFA Ultimate Team started life as a good idea. Create a team, populate said team with players you find in packs of cards, each with their own quality tier. Start off with bronze players you’ve never heard of, start to creep into silvers from lower leagues. Finally, you’d end up with a gold team full of players you knew. Buy more packs with the coins you earn in-game, improve your squad and repeat. Simple.

EA decided it was too simple and decided to allow people to use real life money. Before long, people were spending hundreds of pounds on day one in order to get that desired gold team. Gone were the days of building up your squad, you simply bought it. EA saw the fruits of this method and decided to build on it. They even started to offer gold packs as pre-order rewards as well as creating ‘Ultimate Team’ editions of each game ringing in above the basic RRP.

Team of the week players became a thing, in-forms and limited edition packs popped up. More and more people began to throw their money at the game, creating a huge gulf between players. Those who refused to pay extra to gain an advantage became screwed. Ultimate Team had morphed into pay to win.

Black Markets started to rear their heads, trading coins via third party sites. EA backed ‘Fifa youtubers’ plugged numerous third party sites selling coins.The whole concept of Ultimate Team had became tainted by greed. How did EA respond to this? knew added it to all their sports games.

We now find ourselves looking towards EA UFC 2, complete with a Ultimate Team mode. The concept is at its hilarious worst. You can literally buy moves for your fighter, and that’s not even a cheap joke. Build a fight camp, equip fighters with various cards that give them stats and moves. It’s perfect for EA’s pay to win model.

EA know how rich the Ultimate Team mine is, they don’t even care about the state of the multiplayer games they implement it into. Each year at E3 they take to the stage to spout some old bullshit. Hyping up improvements to their game, new ways to play online…but they don’t care. Ultimate Team is becoming their focus in most of their multiplayer sports games. Fifa’s other modes have been left to rot, while Ultimate Team grows and prospers. At this rate, EA show no signs of stopping.

But hey, in a game that gives CM Punk (who holds the same professional MMA record as me, 0-0-0) is given a rating of 85, maybe EA are just playing jokes.



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