E3 2015′s Biggest Moments – From Vikings To Remakes

E3 2015′s Biggest Moments – From Vikings To Remakes

With E3 2015 over and done with, it feels fitting to look back at event event and pick out the stand out games and moments. E3 2015 will most likely be remembered for two announcements, both of which felt like the ultimate fan service, but never the less added to E3′s history and legacy as the biggest event in the video game calender.




Nintendo Reminds Everyone That Games Are Fun

The World Nintendo Championship was a utter mess, but a wonderful mess. The presenters never seemed in control, players repeatedly entered the Wii U home screen and the pacing was all over, but it all gave the event a sense of genuine charm. It’s gleeful expression of Nintendo indulgence was brilliant, even if some of the plays made by the contestants was sloppy. The big star of the show was Super Mario Maker. Watching players franticly bomb through various levels exposed the potential for Nintendo’s latest experiment. The challenge, the genius, the trolling, Super Mario Maker landed looked fantastic.

To top the event off, modern industry icon Reggie Fils-Aime took to the stage to do what he does best, play games badly and crack jokes.


Bethesda Sets The Tone

For their first ever E3 showcase, Bethesda knocked it out of the park. The first gameplay of Doom was slick, brutal and enticing. Classic first person shooter action is exactly what the industry needs right now, and along with Snapmap, Doom could be a game changer in a market that likes to create and share.

Bethesda showcased a number of Fallout 4′s features, but the crafting and settlement system was easily the most exciting. Fallout 4′s sheer scope is insane, with the potential game time seemingly becoming infinite. The reveal trailer may of set the hype train rolling, but the E3 showing gave people more reasons to truly buy into the product, as well as the Fallout universe. Bethesda’s well paced showcase did a fantastic job of revealing new games, even if they were leaked, while keeping people well aware of previously known games.


Microsoft get Over The E3 Hump:

Known for their inconsistent E3 showcases, Microsoft finally hit their stride this year. With a number of reveals, and premiers of gameplay, Microsoft managed to set up a promising future for their Xbox One system, but still struggled to make the big black box look like an essential purchase. The showcase had a pretty solid spine of games on display, with few curiosities on the way.

Halo 5: Guardians oddly looked like a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando, which instantly made it more appealing than past Master chief vehicles. The rest of games and trailers shown weren’t bad, but they weren’t earth shattering. The oddest reveal was Day Z coming to Xbox One…mainly given the creator long since jumped shipped before the game was complete.

The real triumph was Microsoft managed to finally put together a E3 showcase that flowed well, and got people talking for the right reasons, early access aside.


Ubisoft Are Apparently Forgiven For Their Sins, Thanks To Vikings

Recent times have not been kind to Ubisoft, or to be more honest, Ubisoft have not been kind to their consumers. Even after launching broken games at full price into the wild, Ubisoft seemed to get away with it given the reaction to their E3 showcase. Tom Clancy may no longer be with us any more, but his name lives on via various new games. The real reason Ubisoft stood out, apart from Usher light’s performance, was down to For Honour and Ghost Recon: Wild Lands.

For Honour is the first ‘big’ game from Ubisoft in some time that doesn’t involve terrorism, assassinations or Tom Clancey. In what looks like a mix between MOBA/Dynasty Warriors and Deadliest Warrior, For Honour pits Knights, Samurai and Vikings against each other in team based combat. The concept is mouth watering, even if very little of the game was shown. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands was the surprise reveal of the showcase. Ghosts versus Mexican drug cartels, complete with numerous tactical options, vehicles and all the co-op action you could want.

Ubisoft did well to banish memories of their recent shoddy products, but one question kept popping up throughout the showcase, will any of these games actually fully work?



Martin Sahlin Makes E.A Human

After years of E3 showcases fronted by corporate suits, TV/Internet personalties and media trained big time developers, Martin Sahlin came to the stage shaking like a leaf. Talking about his game, Unravel, he stuttered, he shook, he sweated, he won over the masses. In what felt like a rare genuine moment of passion (not in that way), Sahlin talked about the origins and creative process of Unravel. The game it’s self looks amazing, with some truly breath taking animation, but it’s time at E3 will always be remembered for the little guy hitting the big stage, and seeming utterly human. Easily one of the nicest moments of E3 2015…then EA followed it up with a man dressed as a Zombie.




The Battlefront Hype Train Truly Rolls Out

EA knew exactly what they were doing, after covering all their sports games, they woke everyone up with a gameplay video of Star Wars: Battlefront. Sure it wasn’t live play, and the sheer amount of choreography was insane, but it was hard not to be blown away. Everything about the footage screamed Star Wars. Social media went crazy, Battlefront’s hype train officially pulled out of the station. If there’s one element that stands out throughout the footage, it’s the sound effects. Everything, and I mean everything, sounded perfect, this is what truly gave the footage that Star Wars feel, that and the closing shot of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker facing off.


Sony Steal The Spotlight…With A New IP

At this point, everyone knows ‘how good’ Sony’s showcase was at E3 2015. The Last Guardian popped up again, Final Fantasy 7 is being remade, people celebrated, cried, filmed their reactions, cried again. Shenmue 3 is coming, subject to a Kickstarter that was never going to fail (it’s presence of Kickstarter being a whole different topic of discussion). Two of the biggest fan service reveals in the history of E3, which is what Sony ‘s showcase became known for…which is slightly unfortunate.

Sony may of revealed the next big thing in the shape of Horizon Zero Dawn, but the attention has mostly fallen to the three previously named games. A completely new IP from Killzone developer Guerrilla, who recently took a intake of ex members of the team behind The Witcher franchise , Horizon Zero Dawn looks stunning. While the trailer didn’t give too much away, the footage shown was mind blowing, and not just because it featured robotic dinosaurs. The sheer pedigree behind the game should be enough to get anyone excited.


Fan Service Gone Wild

Regardless of where you stand, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a big deal. The last five years have seen calls for this game to be reality, and Sony revealed that’s happening. It shouldn’t of came as a huge surprise, the Final Fantasy brand is hardly in a great place at the moment, nor is Square Enix, and Final Fantasy 7 is easy money (hence the amount of re-releases they’ve thrown out there). The news was greeted with cheers, tears, and reaction videos, a deadly combination. E3 2015 will most likely be remembered for the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Kayne West & Cup Head:

Kayne West played Cup Head, proving he has a more varied taste in video games than most people covering video games.

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