Dishonored Set To Be Remastered, Are There Too Many Re-Releases?

Dishonored Set To Be Remastered, Are There Too Many Re-Releases?

It appears that Dishonored is due to be given the ‘Remastered’ treatment.

A Brazilian site leaked the classification of Dishonored Definitive Edition, set for release this year. It’s assumed this new version will appear on PS4, Xbox One and PC. With the game collecting numerous honors from critics and players alike, it should come as no surprise that a ‘New Gan’ version is on the way. The PS4 & Xbox One are both lacking decent stealth titles, even more so after the failure of the Thief reboot, but are more remastered last generation games really the answer?

The early periods of both new systems have been saturated with re-released versions of last generation games, some of which felt like odd choices. The recent DMC: Devil May Cry remastered felt like a attempt at earning a quick buck, with the game seemingly proving to be even less popular the first time around. Video game bargain bins have now become packed full of remastered games. The likes of Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, DMC, The Last of Us and Metro 2033/Last Light make up a large majority of games constantly on special offer.

Dishnoured may have been a fantastic game, but are people really interested in picking up yet another remastered title? even if the DLC is included this time around. It feels like yet another attempt to gain a quick bit of cash without making too much of a effort. Perhaps the lack of stealth games will result in Dishonored Definitive Edition performing far better than other re-releases, or maybe, just maybe, people are getting sick of playing last generation games for full price.







Sean Halliday


  1. Mounce
    May 10, 2015, 3:34 am

    If Dishonoured gets a ‘Remaster’, I can bet you that I will never buy a game by the same devs again.

    I had respected them for Arx Fatalis, although Dishonoured bored me with a bad story with predictable twists, but, who’s to know if it’s Bethesda who’s pushing this idiotic idea towards them. Let alone I already do not support or buy Bethesda games for the same reason that I have zero respect for those developers too, who’re not doing the industry any justice.

    Black Mesa Source in contrast came out and it was a free mod where the devs said “It is a free mod and it will never cost you”, years later it’s on Steam now, and now with Multiplayer and is 85% done. This game, even though it goes back on the original statement of cost, does not lose respect in how they decided to operate their business because you know that for a Mod, and for the quality of the game they made, they’ve Earned that money – ontop of that of it getting Multiplayer of course. (Black Mesa Source being, the epitome of what a Remaster should be, should like, and the quality put behind it)

    • Sean Halliday
      May 10, 2015, 9:03 pm

      Black Mesa kinda earned it due to the sheer level of work they put in

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  3. Mithan
    May 10, 2015, 4:49 pm

    I will buy it. The PC version was pretty gimped IMO, when it was released, as it was held back by the PS3/Xbox 360.

    A high resolution version would be better, not $50 better, but I would have no problem purchasing it for $20 or so as a DLC pack on Steam.

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