Discovering A Whole New World – The Solus Project Preview

Discovering A Whole New World – The Solus Project Preview

The Solus Project isn’t the typical survival experience. While gathering materials to craft tools and aids may form a large part of the game, there’s much more going on. Surviving is simply a by-product of discovery, this is why The Solus Project feels much more original than its peers.

Currently in Steam’s Early Access program, The Solus Project crashes players onto the planes of a unknown alien planet. Surrounded by debris and overwhelmed by the planet’s surface, survival becomes the players first port of call.Survival is achieved by studying the planet and gathering resources. The delicate balance of scavenging the needs and wants slowly starts to make itself more clear, forcing the player to use their wares wisely.


There’s no enemies to be fought off. The only danger is the environment. Climate affects every aspect of the game, taking its toll on the players well being. Wind, rain and snow forces the player to seek out shelter and warmth. Deadly tornadoes ravage the lands, devastating everything in their path. In order to survive, players must adapt and study their surroundings, while maintaining their vitals.

Crafting fires to keep warm is just the first step in a long journey. Dark areas force players into crafting light sources, which in turn opens up more crafting options. This all drips into The Solos Project’s core concept, discovery. After finding shelter from the storm and crafting a light source to see the environment, door ways begin to emerge. Ancient structures melded into caves soon become a much more curious discovery.

Initially, the idea of survival is presented as the game’s core mechanic. Exploration slowly takes over in a natural way. There’s no forced attempts to push the player towards certain things, everything is extremely loose and freeing. Alien architecture and marks peek the player’s interest, seducing them with mystery. Before long, finding out what was on this planet, and where did they go, evolves into the core focus of The Solus Project.

In terms of visuals, The Solus Project looks stunning. Inspiration has clearly been taken from the likes of H.R. Giger, with each environment oozing with character. Combing familiar tones with distinctly alien design creates so much intrigue, forcing the player to investigate. Nothing is ever made too obvious, further enhancing the great unknown.

It may be placed under the banner of Early Access, but The Solus Project is already piecing together nicely. The odd bug or frame rate drop never becomes too obtrusive, allowing the game to flow. Discovering new locations, piecing together clues while trying to uncover the truth, it’s hugely engaging. All signs point towards The Solus Project forming into something quite special.




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