Dinosaur Horror: Can We See A Comeback?

Dinosaur Horror: Can We See A Comeback?

Dinosaurs could be the perfect medium/idea for horror games, and they’d work really well. We had games like the Dino Crisis series back in the classic PS1 days that made these wonderful environments and tossed in dinosaurs, and actually made them scary. Then again, it was developed by Capcom when the original Resident Evil games were floating around and causing terror in our hearts.

We then had Dino Crisis 3 which was a complete shit-show, and then dinosaur horror seemed to essentially go extinct after that. Which was a shame because dinosaurs work really well in video-games, and it’s a shame we haven’t really had anything solid since Dino Crisis 2. Sure, Primal Carnage was an okay game but it never really invoked a sense of fear like I thought it would. Then again, it was a multiplayer team-based game, and there were some slight moments where a T-Rex bursting through the jungle would more so tense than scary. We need to see a rise, or return in survival-horror games featuring dinosaurs.

Then again, back in 2011 we saw an indie horror game titled “1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg” which took place in the trenches of World War I and threw in some mechanical dinosaurs into the trenches to hunt the player down. It was intense, and the environment played a huge part in the terror that players would experience. Armed with no weapons was another thing that made the experience that more terrifying.

I’d like to see more games embrace dinosaurs as a product of a horror, and I think that usher in a whole new era as well as spark a whole new interest in the survival-horror genre.

I guess we’ll have to look towards Lukewarm Media and see what they can do with Primal Carnage: Genesis, which is a single-player narrative experience taking place before the multiplayer only game, Primal Carnage. It will explain how the dinosaurs were made, and how they were set loose. Here’s the teaser, and click here to visit the site. It’s also going to be made on Unreal Engine 4. So, let’s expect some nice visuals.

From what I can tell, we’re going to see big dinosaurs like the Rex in cramped, tiny environments. Tense.

Justin Ross

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